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    Edifier W360BT Bluetooth Earphones Review - Wearable or Terrible?

    Edifier W360BT

    Edifier W360BT Bluetooth Earphones Review

    READ MORE: Best Earphones Buying Guide Edifier is one of those brands which has escaped our attention in recent years; granted, there are a lot of low-cost brands out there but we are quite impressed with what a relatively humble sum of cash can get from this one. For instance, we have recently been getting familiar with the Sennheiser Momentum HD1 and they are very nice too. But how about cutting the cost in half?


    • Superb comfort
    • Good battery life
    • Decent sound for pop and the like


    • Vented capsules affect isolation

    Design and Appearance

    Like the Momentum HD1, the Edifier W360BT consists of a horseshoe-like base which sits around the neck, and this houses all the controls and the batteries, leaving the capsules feeling nice and light in the ear. Controls are on the upper side of the left 'heel' of the horseshoe, with charging port and on/off switch underneath. The capsules have a vent each, and this lets a certain amount of exterior noise in. Great if you are planning to use these for the purposes of exercise and jogging as it's good to be aware of your surroundings, but the noisy London Underground may cause a few problems if you're commuting. It's not certain if the word 'attractive' is suitable for the W360BT as they are not really designed to draw attention to themselves, but they don't look bad.

    Edifier W360BT

    Durability and Build Quality

    The Edifier W360BT is built for lightness, and due to the way it is worn, has not been made to be particularly rugged. Just comfortable and light. Cables from the neckband part are reasonably protected by strain reliefs, and that's about it. To be fair, this design sits up out of the way of most things and the light design seems quite suitable.


    At 46.5 grams, the W360BT can hardly be felt whilst being worn; there is no weight on the capsules going into the ear either, so if you're always fiddling around to get a decent fit with your current Bluetooth earphones, these may be worth a try.

    Suitability for intended application

    As mentioned above, there are several uses these can be put to. They are particularly well suited to exercising, considering the way they are worn and the vented capsule design, but the packaging is distinctly aimed at the mobile/commuter market. For general out and about purposes, the Edifier W360BT is fine unless you find yourself in particularly noisy places a lot of the time.


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    Edifier W360BT

    Sound Characteristics

    Generally the sound of the Edifier W360BT conforms to what most people find enjoyable, with a slightly elevated bass and a warm sound signature.
    • Bass
    Low extension is fairly good, and bass makes its mark with enough emphasis for most without going overboard too much. There is a bit of 'bloom' here where the bass lacks control slightly. The midrange is not really affected however.
    • Mids
    Midrange is clear enough to enjoy vocals and the like; there's no obvious disconnect between bass and midrange which is nice. Also there's a decent bit of space in there, showing that the midrange has some good control. There's no danger here with any spikes or extra presence causing potential listener-fatigue, it's a comfortable listen.
    • Treble
    Presence here matches the midrange; hi-hats and cymbals are clear and present, with a certain grainy quality which is not unusual for this type of earphone. Brass and saxophones get a nice raw edginess, and again it's hard to imagine anyone having problems here with fatigue.
    • Soundstage and Separation
    Soundstage is OK for such a design, although the vented capsules might have improved on this a bit more. Likewise, separation is decent enough with instruments holding their own ground but there's the sense that they are blending together slightly.

    Music genres good for and why

    The Edifier W360BT is great with commercial genres like R&B, hip hop and pop, but if you require any more refinement such as with classical music, you might want to consider spending the extra for the Sennheiser HD1 equivalent.

    Edifier W360BT


    Edifier's W360BT is a worthy addition to the current Bluetooth models available, with the neckband taking the weight so we can enjoy music in greater comfort. A good one to take out with you, but try to avoid those very noisy places!

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