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    Edifier W830BT Bluetooth Headphone Review

    Edifier W830BT Bluetooth Headphone Review

    READ MORE: Best Headphones Buying Guide Edifier have created a great grab and go Bluetooth headphone, the W830BT's sound is not particularly refined, but for the price they are very fun to listen to.


    • Big bass - fun sound
    • comfort
    • Build quality


    • Sound is a little thick and congested

    Edifier W830BT

    Aesthetics, Build Quality and Accessories

    The Edifier W830BT is an understated looking headphone, with soft edges and a black and silver colour scheme they won't stand out. They are not made to be flashy and catch peoples attention, instead they look sophisticated and elegant. The W830BT feel well built, they are mainly made out of plastic but they feel well put together and the headband is reinforced with metal. There are controls on the right earcup, and the charging port is on the left earcup along with the 3.5mm socket for wired use. All the joints are smooth, and with a bit of care, these headphones should last a while. Accessory wise you get a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable to use them when the battery runs out, a micro USB charging cable and a carry case. The included accessories are excellent and nothing is missing out of the box.

    Comfort and Isolation

    The W830BT are comfy in use, the clamping force is not too tight, and they are lightweight which means there is not too much pressure on the top of your head. The headband has plenty of adjustment, the top is adequately padded and the earpads are plush and deep preventing your ear from touching the driver. Isolation is really good on these, they block out moderate outside noise well, and would be perfect for daily commuting. They also don't leak sound so you won't be annoying the person next to you.

    Edifier W830BT

    Battery Life and Bluetooth Connectivity

    One of the major selling points of the Edifier W830BT is nearly 95hrs of battery life when playing, this obviously depends on the volume but it is still very impressive and means you won't be needing to charge them every day. The W830BT can have 2 devices connected at the same time, they use Bluetooth 4.1 and are AptX compatible. The range is excellent, and I had no issues with audio dropouts.


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    Sound Quality

    • Bass
    The bass on the W830BT is full and carries great body and impact, but isn't overemphasized. The bass presence is a little over neutral, and these are a fuller sounding headphone, but the bass does not drown out the rest of the sound. Kick drums are easily separated from bass guitars, and there is great depth to the bass, it is not there in basshead quantities but the amount will likely be more than enough for most people.
    • Midrange
    The midrange is lacking a little bite and clarity, it sits behind the bass and does not have a lot of air and separation. However the midrange is smooth and fatigue-free, these do lend themselves to modern pop recordings over genres which require a detailed midrange.
    • Treble
    The treble here again is smooth and would never cause listening fatigue, the treble does not extend very far but it does have some presence and is not completely drowned out. Luckily the treble has an inoffensive tone and doesn't come across harsh or metallic.
    • Separation and Soundstage
    Instrument separation is fairly average on these, nothing special but there is enough to distinguish different instruments. The soundstage is not very wide, these have a more fun and up-front presentation.

    Edifier W830BT


    The Edifier W830BT is not a headphone for the seasoned audiophile, they are for the average person looking for a quality Bluetooth headphone for out and about use. For this purpose, you cannot go wrong with them, easy to use and fun to listen to, along with effectively blocking out most ambient noise. Perfect for the daily commute, or office listening.

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