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    Education Headphones for Schools & Learning Centres

    Headphones for Use in Schools, Colleges & Learning Centres

    Educational headphones have specific requirements that set them apart from the type of headphones used for home listening or with an iPod. Picking the best headphone for use in schools and other learning environments needs careful consideration. At HiFi Headphones we have built up considerable experience of the type of features that will be the most beneficial for use in a school, college or learning centre. Please do ask us and we will do our best to help. Robust Educational Headphones Durability and Robust Build Durability is obviously a key area of interest, as headphones for school use need to cope with regular listening by the most active students. Robust design of the headphone headband and well made strain relief on the cable are must have features. Headphone cables are often the component that will break first, so headphones with good strain relief on the jack plug and as they enter the headphone earpiece are most suitable. Reduce Distraction Reducing distraction of the student is one reason you may choose to work with headphones in your classes. Over ear design and closed back earcups ensure external distractions are blocked out and your students stay focused on the task at hand. Comfortable & Lightweight Lightweight, comfortable designs ensure the students are happy to wear the headphones without complaint for extended periods. Look out for adjustable headbands (make sure they can adjust small enough) and low headphone weight. Educational Children's Headphones More Information For a full range of Education Headphones for many applications as well as a wide selection of Children's Headphones, please visit the HiFi Headphones online store.

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