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    Effect Audio Ares II vs Eros II Comparison Review

    Ares IIEros II

    Effect Audio Ares II vs Eros II Comparison Review

    If you are having a hard time trying to decide between the Ares II and the Eros II, we have written up a little comparison between the two. You cannot go wrong with either cable.

    Aesthetics and Build:

    These cables look superb, they finish is perfect and the braid is even, they are an excellent accessory for every on the go audiophile. They are not all about the looks though, the sound offered by both the Eros II and the Ares II is truly excellent for the price. Both Effect Audio cables are built the same, with excellent quality jacks, a lightweight and slim y-split and soft over ear moulds that are much more comfortable than regular memory wire. The 2-pin connectors are sturdy, and the braid is tight and even, overall an expertly finished product. Ares IIEros II


    The Ares II is a lively and fun cable, the lows are still impactful and full but well controlled and not over the top. The midrange retains clarity and is not overshadowed by the slight increase in bass fullness. Where the Ares II goes against the typical copper sound is in the upper midrange/lower treble section, where it injects a little extra spakle and presence. This makes this cable well detailed, but also fun and engaging to listen to. It pairs well with multiple IEM's and if you are looking to get into the world of custom cables, the Ares II is the perfect place to start. The Eros II paints quite a different picture, it leans towards the neutral side of sound and doesn't go in to change anything drastic about the sound signature. What the Eros II does is increase the air between instruments, adding an extra layer of separation and allows the finer detail to shine through. The Eros II does add a tiny bit of presence in the treble, but it is not what I would consider a brighter sounding cable. The Eros II is clear, transparent and refined with excellent soundstaging. Ares IIEros II


    So there you have it, two beautiful cables both with different sound signatures. Which will be for you depends on synergy and what differences you want out of your current IEM's. If you are in need of any cable pairing advice, give us a call!

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