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    Effect Audio Horus Review - Fit for a King


    Effect Audio Horus Review - Fit for a King

    The Effect Audio Horus definitely deserves its TOTL status, bringing added dynamics, layering and detail to your IEM's.


    • Holographic
    • Natural
    • Organic
    • Detailed


    • It costs a lot

    Aesthetics and Build quality:

    To start with the Horus comes in a leather presentation box, fitting of it's price and big enough to store your IEM's in too. First impressions are excellent, then you look at the cable and it is simply beautiful. An even braid with a slight gold tint to the cable, with a rose gold splitter and chin slider. The 2-pin connectors are standard and the jack plug is the usual carbon fibre Effect audio one, I would have liked to seen the jack in rose gold like the splitter. Everything feels very well built, with good strain relief and this is a beautiful cable that is built to last. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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    The Horus has a pitch black and deep background, sounds emerge from thin air to immerse you in a richly textured and expertly layered sound. Bass notes have an effortless quality to them being full in nature but not bloated, they extend with ease bringing out the quality of the bass tones of your IEM's. The main thing about the bass that stands out is the natural and organic texture that doesn't bleed into the midrange. The midrange is well separated from the lows but also has a slightly smoother tonality, without losing out on the finer detail. The midrange has excellent micro detail retrieval, yet still retains a more organic and non fatiguing sound. Air and separation is superb, vocals come across with superb clarity and layering. The highs gain a little presence over most stock cables, but here the quality is outstanding. They take the highs of your IEM's of choice, take away the harshness and add extension and detail without hard edges. The Horus is not a bright cable, it is open sounding but at the same time engaging and dynamic. Cymbal taps and crashes are better defined within their own space, fading effortlessly into the black background. The Horus is a deep sounding cable, adding a real sense of air and space to the sound both depth and height wise. During Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon different instruments swirl around the stage creating a holographic soundstage with excellent imaging and accurate placement. This is a cable for those who want to get every last bit out of their favourite IEM's, you have to come in and demo this to believe it.


    Horus is a cable that is incredibly dynamic sounding, it is full and impactful, yet at the same time it is open, airy and detailed. It may sound contradictory, but that is really how I hear this cable. The tone is natural and organic and is never fatiguing, bringing out every subtle detail in the recording without throwing it at your face. Horus

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