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    Effect Audio Thor Silver II Cable Review

    Effect Audio Thor Silver II

    Effect Audio Thor Silver II Replacement Cable Review

    The Effect Audio Thor Silver II will inject a little extra space and sparkle into your IEM's without taking away the qualities you love.


    • Increased clarity
    • Increased soundstage
    • Slightly more sparkle
    • Smooth


    • None if you know what you want

    Effect Audio Thor Silver II

    Aesthetics and Build Quality

    Buying an upgrade cable is a decision based on many things, and one of those is cosmetic reasons. The Thor Silver II is a pure silver headphone cable that looks fantastic, the braid is even and tight and the carbon fibre plugs and splitter look great. The build quality of the Thor Silver II is the same as all Effect audio cables, impeccable. The braid is even with no faults, the jack plug feels sturdy as does the y-split. All in all the Thor Silver II is well built and should last a long time with some care.


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    I don't quite know what kind of insulation Effect audio use, but it is soft and supple. Their cables are very ergonomic with no hard memory wire, instead a soft moulded piece of heat-shrink. The cable is very comfortable in use with no cable noise to be heard.

    Effect Audio Thor Silver II


    What I like about the Thor Silver II is that is it not what you think it will sound like. It is not your typical bright sounding, hyper detailed and aggressive silver cable. Instead it retains the coherent and full bodied lows of your IEM's with excellent impact but with slightly better speed, recovery and control. The midrange gains some air around the notes, making things easier to separate. The highs do have a certain amount of extra presence and sparkle however I never found them to come across bright or shrill. Cymbal crashes shimmer with more detail and real tone to them, with more effortless extension. There is more air around notes, and the soundstage is a little wider with better separation and layering whilst still sounding coherent and natural. Cables are a much debated topic in the audio industry, I am a believer in small changes between cables and that synergy is king. The Thor Silver II adds a little extra sparkle up top without sounding harsh or ruining the dynamics of your headphones of choice. The lows are still articulate just a bit better controlled, the midrange clearer and highs more realistic. If you feel your IEM's could do with a bit better separation, control and a bit of a treble lift whilst still retaining a smooth sound, the Thor Silver II is well worth looking in to. Effect Audio Thor Silver II

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