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    Fidue A83 Earphones Review - Hybrid Unbridled

    Fidue A83


    What's not to like about the Fidue A83? From the unassuming 'try me' design to the expansive sound, the A83 could take us down many rabbitholes!


    • Instantly engaging
    • Lovely cable


    • Case is a little ungainly
    Border Fidue is another of those makers who are peppering the market with all sorts of models at various pricepoints, and the A83 occupies their top spot just now. Despite sharing its name with a minor road up in Scotland, the Fidue A83 is warm, fast and hardly ever congested. The Fidue A83 can however bring you to 'The Mull of Kintyre' if you really want to go that far.

    Key Features

    The left and right sides are denoted by the blue and red housings of the Fidue A83; they simply beg to be worn and seem to offer a fun experience just by looks alone. Supplied tips are what can be expected for a model in this price category; there's a good range along with the nearly ubiquitous free Comply foam tips, but don't differ that much from those given away with budget models. The case is of the chunky 'Pelican' style and along with the hard foam winder/storage insert will certainly protect the earphones. The case will not easily fit in the pocket however. Fidue A83 Hybrid IEM

    First Impressions

    The clear translucent red/blue plastic of the housings is matched by the outer-facing housing part which although metallic-looking, is also plastic. However the overall impression is of a solid and well-built IEM along with the best of them. The cable is the most striking feature; it is braided and is coated to avoid too much friction. It's nice and loose so tangles are unlikely.

    Sound Quality

    Far from a neutral sound, the Fidue A83 certainly packs a fun punch with deep and powerful bass when called for, adding weight beneath kick drums and basslines, but steering well clear of midrange bleed. There's no more bass than dictated by the music. Midrange is clear with a lush hint; space is well preserved and harmonics make instruments shine. Up top, the Fidue A83 is not as rolled off as most universal IEMs but there is no hint of anything which might cause fatigue in the ear. Separation and imaging are very good for an in-ear too. The A83 is amazingly faithful to your chosen genre; trying these with some 1970s production music, the dynamic compression used is beautifully rendered and makes the bass and midrange really work together. Conversley, with some clean and clear Level 42 from the 1980s, the presentation is as fresh and clean as a new pin. The A83 takes what's good, and makes it even better.


    The Fidue A83 really are as fun as they look; but don't let this kid you into thinking they cannot be serious too. Think perhaps of looking in a mirror and actually seeing the person you imagine yourself to be - 10 years younger, spritely and in your best light - it's the Fidue makeover! Score - 9.5/10 The Fidue A83 features in our BEST HEADPHONES OF 2015 REVIEW Fidue A83 - Hifiheadphones

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