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    FiiO E18 Kunlun Portable USB DAC & Headphone Amplifier - Announcement

    The Hifiheadphones team is pleased to announce the new DAC & Portable Headphone Amplifier from FiiO, the E18 Kunlun is now available to be purchased on our website.

    Enter the world of the professional audio decoder FiiO E18 with the convenience of listening to music from Smartphones, and the pleasure of high fidelity audio. Reference quality digital-to-analogue audio conversion for music played via compatible Android smartphones. FiiO E18 is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/Note2, HTC One, and other Android devices with USB OTG and USB digital audio output capabilities.

    FiiO E18 can be used USB DAC and amp as replacement of the on-board soundcard on computers and laptops. FiiO E18 serves as a dedicated headphone amplifier when connected to portable audio players. The user-friendly volume knob design with symmetrical volume roller is resistant to accidental bumps, yet easy to adjust. When used as power source, the automatic cut-off and self-recovery function of charging current limiter IC on the E18 protects the phone. The 3500mAh Li-polymer battery achieves 25 hours playtime when used as amplifier only, and 12 hours utilising the DAC and amp combination.
    • Performs reference quality digital-to-analogue audio conversion for Android smartphones
    • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/Note2, HTC One and Android devices
    • USB DAC functionality for computers and laptops
    • Works with laptop and desktop computers at up to 24-Bit / 96kHz high definition audio
    • High-end op-amp audio output circuitry with ultra low distortion and noise
    • 3500mAh battery for up to 25 hours of use as an amp-only, or up to 12 hours as DAC+amp
    • Charges in 4 hours with optional 2A USB adapter
    To purchase the unit, please visit our website: Buy FiiO E18 Kunlun Portable USB DAC & Headphone Amplifier

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