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    FiiO UK Distributor announced

    FiiO FiiO and KS Distribution today announced a partnership for distribution of FiiO's audio electronics products in the UK. Based near Brighton on the South Coast of England, KS Distribution is a specialist distributor of headphone and earphone related audio products. KS Distribution is to be distributing FiiO audio electronics products to independent specialist retailers in the UK and Ireland.

    FiiO headphone amplifiers provide a way to get the best audio performance from portable audio sources, such as MP3 players (Apple iPod, iPhone, etc) and laptop computers.

    The FiiO E5 has taken the headphone amp market by storm, with a high specification and entry level price making it accessable for anyone looking to upgrade their portable audio system.

    About KS Distribution

    A leading audio electronics distributor, KS Distribution specialises in bringing innovative products to the UK market and providing a World class service to their customers. Offering a carefully selected range of products for home and mobile listening, KS Distribution are a highly focused team whose primary aim is to develop strong partnerships with retailers and manufacturers. For more information visit

    About FiiO

    FiiO Electronic Technology is a personal audio consumer electronics manufacturer with a product line-up that includes headphone amplifiers and speaker systems. Leading the field in affordable personal audio products, FiiO is constantly innovating to stay ahead of the competition. For more information visit

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