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    Final Audio Design Adagio III Headphones - Mini Review

    Final Audio Design Adagio III Headphones

    Final Audio Design are a well known high end HiFi manufacturer from Japan. Theybegan developing magnetic cartridges and step-up transformers in 1974. It wasn't long before they were manufacturing turntables and speakers, which were well ahead of the curve at the time. When Final Audio Design started manufacturing headphones, they wanted to relay the musicians passion for music, as well as their own passion for engineering.

    The Adagio III uses a special BAM (Balancing Air Movement) Mechanism, which optimises air movement inside the housing, solving sound leakage and leading to a simpler structure and slimmer body. The Adagio III have a remarkably clear sound - open, transparent and lively. There’s plenty of bottom end power but it’s measured, this and the amazing instrument separation stop any muddiness from occurring.

    The bodies are constructed from a tough ABS material, the 120cm cable is superb quality at this price point and small medium and large tips are included for comfort. We also love the clear differentiation between left and right on the earphone bodies

    HiFi Headphones Verdict

    Contemporary music fans who want a bit of HiFi legacy, a clean clear audio and change from £100, look no further. The Adagio III unleashes a powerful sound which is vibrant and spatial with impressive width and separation in the stereo image. Final Audio Design Adagio III in Red/White Final Audio Design Adagio III in Black

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