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    Final Audio Heaven VII Earphones Review

    final audio heaven 7


    Any Final Audio earphone in the Heaven series is fantastic at its pricepoint, and for the asking price the Final Audio Heaven VII offers angelic audio quality. Soundstage and detail are stunning, while the frequency response gives a presentation which is both delicate and authoritative.


    • Sounds amazing
    • Looks amazing!
    • Good strong metal case


    • Microphonics
    • Cable can be worn down from the ear only
    Border Being British here we're no strangers to what the heavens can provide (lots of rain!); however we've been enjoying a few distractions lately. Final Audio's Heaven series is no less than a perfect fusion of detail and comfort; starting from the entry-level Heaven II. The range leaves us spellbound, and a lot drier as well. The appearance and sound of the Final Audio Heaven VII is a contrast to its stablemate the Heaven VIII, which is the fuller sounding of the two models. While the Heaven VII lies in neutral-airy territory, the golden Heaven VIII gives a lusher presentation with a little more bass. A review of the Heaven VIII is coming soon. As well as the Heaven VIII, the Heaven VII is one of the latest in this series; it is based on a similar design to the rest of the Heavens, but borrows the capsule design from the limited edition dual balanced armature 'LAB-1' model which is not generally available outside of Japan and the Far East. final audio heaven 7

    Key Features

    Using a single full-range balanced armature driver produced by Final Audio themselves, the Heaven VII is detailed but never gets fatiguing. Bass is fully represented, mainly due to both the balanced armature and Final Audio's BAM (Balanced Air Movement) technology which incorporates some clever tricks to improve the frequency response in the lower region, when compared to other makers' single BA designs. Also, the Heaven VII has been designed with 'resonance dispersion' in mind. According to Final Audio, this helps prevent vibrations and reflections in the housings which may lead to a detrimental effect on the sound. The casings are made using a metal-plating technique so that the colour won't wear away or chip.

    First Impressions

    It's the styling which is first to be noticed; there's a medieval feel about them - particularly the black Heaven VII. While the design is of course down to a high-tech process, they still give the impression that they were produced by an enchanted artisan a few hundred years ago! The jack differs from others in this range however; it's more like the straight jack which comes with the Final Audio Hope VI full-size headphones. final audio heaven 7

    Sound Quality

    With an Astell & Kern K120, the Final Audio Heaven VII gives a totally immersible experience - soundstage is well beyond the physical confines of the housings, and separation is superb. Bass, as already mentioned, is not typical for a single balanced armature design; it is very well balanced with the rest of the sound and is well controlled, allowing the midrange a good amount of space to impress. The sound is very clean and exact; it neither is boosted or recessed and works very nicely. Sense of space is very real, and together with the soundstage, very big! There are moments with the K120 where high frequencies threaten to cross into strident territory, but never do. With a Fiio X3, due to the nature of the player's sound, the Heaven VII is smoother which I prefer personally.


    We've come to expect very high standards from Final Audio - in terms of audio quality, build quality and presentation too. The Heaven VII still pushes the envelope, giving a touch of glamour without ostentatiousness, toughness without bulk, and detail without sharp edges. Score 9.5/10 final audio heaven 7

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