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    Final Audio Heaven VIII Earphones Review

    Final Audio Heaven VIII - Pacific Rim Bling

    Final Audio Design Heaven VIII


    Audio quality is superb Build quality to match


    Non-removeable cable No angled jack

    Hifiheadphones Quick Verdict

    This is one of the most desireable IEMs we have ever tested here,truly stunning! Check out our Best In Ear Headphones 2015 Review to see if the Heaven VIII's are in the list!!


    Just as Dante's inferno has many levels, so too must Final Audio's Heaven series; each ascending to a new higher level of auditory eternity. Given that the entry-level Heaven IIis no mere cherub in the sound quality stakes, what can be expected from the glitzy Heaven VIII, and how might it differ from its shadowy brother, the Heaven VII?

    Key Features

    As with most fine things, the Final Audio Heaven VIII stands on its own merits and distractions are kept at a minimum in the box; spare eartips are included along with a protective case only. Final Audio's BAM (balanced air movement) technology gives the single balanced armature design an extended lower frequency response when compared with other similar designs; leading to both a very cohesive and natural sound. heaven 8 gold

    First Impressions

    The golden good looks of the Final Audio Heaven VIII are a clear clue as to the sound and the build quality. The flat ribbon cable is non-removeable but is strong with good strain reliefs at each end, and the 3.5mm jack will fit into recessed headphone sockets, such as that found on the excellent Chord Hugo DAC/amp. Final Audio's presentation makes the Heaven VIIIno less desireable; a sumptuous case with furry lining ensures the Heaven VIII arrives relaxed and ready to perform at its best. In the box, a quality foam-lined metal case ensures the Heaven VIII can be transported in a pocket without risk of damage.

    Sound Quality

    Unlike the more neutral Final Audio Heaven VII, the Heaven VIII is tuned with a richer and more vibrant frequency response for a lusher sound. Like all of the Heaven range, there's virtually no stridence or discomfort for sensitive ears, but detail is reproduced with no compromise. Bass is fully represented (thanks to Final Audio's 'BAM' technology) without getting too big for its boots, midrange is crystal clear and uncluttered, with treble as smooth as silk, yet superbly detailed. A special effort is required to keep any dignity the wearer might want to hang on to; the temptation to start dancing is great with the Heaven VIII! Soundstage too is incredible; for IEMs, the Heaven VIII comes close to full-size headphones. Imaging and separation is razor sharp also, instuments leap out and reverb decays really give an idea of real space.


    Final Audio has earned itself a fanbase the world over, thanks to the wonderful IEMs and full size headphones it produces; the Heaven VIII is a shining example (literally) of the sort of talent they have at the company. All models other than the more neutral ones are so musical and enjoyable, they need to be tried to be believed! Score 9.5/10 Check out our Best In Ear Headphones 2015 Review to see if the Heaven VIII's are in the list!!
    Best In Ear Headphones 2015 - Review

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