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    Final B Series Review & Video

    Final B-Series Review Video

    Final Audio’s latest release is their B-Series of earphones, the B1, B2 and B3. Drawing on their years of experience and learning from previous releases such as their E-Series and MAKE series, the new B-Series range of earphones looks to take Final to another level with a brand new concept. This is new territory for the leading Japanese brand, incorporating multiple driver setups for the first time in their standard range of earphones. As ever, Final like to do things differently, even when it comes to naming their earphones. For the B-Series, they decided to step away from the normal naming order based on price. These models are named based on when they were made. Final believe that price shouldn’t dictate quality, with each model having their own style and characteristic. It’s a philosophy which shows Final’s value in every product they create.


    Final Audio B1 IEMs So let’s meet the team. The hybrid dual driver Final B1 comes in at around £600 and in terms of design, stands out the most. The housings are made using stainless steel, with a mirrored rose gold finish. Inside each housing is one balanced armature driver and one dynamic driver, both developed by Final themselves. The silver plated copper cable adds the finishing touch to this stunning earphone. Sound wise, the B1 has been tuned to put you right in the middle of the action, with a lively sound that delivers clean and punchy bass, rich mids, and crisp resolution.


    Final Audio B2 IEMs The single driver B2 is priced just under £260, with a more understated design choice. The stainless steel housings this time have a brushed gun metal finish, providing a more sleek and elegant look. Inside is a single balanced armature driver, again developed by Final. The replaceable cable is OFC copper and the cable has a black coating, which compliments the design as much as the sound. Sound quality from the B2 is all about clarity and clean detail. Vocals are realistic and present among the naturally reproduced instruments. Overall the B2 delivers a more neutral and perceivably accurate sound.


    Final Audio B3 IEMs Last, but by no means least is the dual driver B3 coming in at just under £440. The Final B3 has their stainless steel housings finished in frosty silver, and along with the replaceable silver coated copper cable they have a bright and fresh look about them. Inside the housings are two of Final’s balanced armature drivers, which have been tuned to provide the most in terms of width and space out of the three. Soundstage is very impressive, and the top end extension will allow you to pick out the most delicate of sounds.

    The Range

    The B-Series earphones have all been designed to fit perfectly in the ear. The unique shape has obviously been chosen not only for its looks, they are all extremely comfortable (for me, anyway). They are impressively small and the shape allows them to sit in my ear with ease. All three models are packaged in a very attractive box, and supplied with a silicone carry case, cable ear hooks for added support, and a selection of Final silicone eartips in a number of different sizes. (Check out our unboxing video for the B3 to see what we mean!) With the B-Series, Final are showing that they mean business, challenging the likes of Shure, Westone and Campfire Audio with their high design and impressive sounding IEMs.

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