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    Final B1 Hybrid Earphone Review

    Final B1

    Aesthetics and Build Quality:

    The new B range from Final all share the same shape, but with different finishes. The B1 is rose gold with the signature angular outer and smooth inner shell design. I really like the look of the B1, but they are a fingerprint magnet. Also, I do know that rose gold is not everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to colour but I think it looks pretty classy on these. The build quality really is superb, the B1 are perfectly finished without a single blemish or flaw. The cable is silver plated and uses regular MMCX connectors, it has great strain relief and feels built to last. The housing is metal, but I do fear the shiny rose gold finish will scratch over time.

    Comfort and Isolation:

    The inner edges of the B1 are smooth and this makes them extremely comfortable to wear. The angle of the nozzle, matched with the angle of the cable, make these of one the most comfortable IEM’s I have tried. I can’t see anyone having issues with the fit of these. Isolation is really good; they block out more than enough outside noise for general daily use and commuting. Whilst they don’t quite reach fully sealed BA driver levels of isolation, they have more than enough for daily use.


    Bass: The dynamic driver of the B1 handles the low frequencies, and does a really good job of filling out the sound yet retaining the speed and control to blend well with the faster BA drivers. The bass is tight yet full when needed, it punches with authority yet when slowed down it has great tonality for acoustic and jazz tracks. Articulate and well layered, the low end injects a sense of energy without becoming over the top. These won’t really suit those looking for a bass heavy sound, but they have enough to suit most people’s needs. Midrange: The midrange is clean with great detail, they have more clarity when compared to the B3, but in presence it is still slightly behind the lows and highs. The lower midrange has a slight dip but it isn’t masked by the bass, and the upper midrange is a little forward which can bring out some sibilance in certain recordings. Despite all of this, the midrange is very open and detailed, with great separation and imaging. Even though the lower midrange is every so slightly dipped, the sound doesn’t come across as V or U-shaped. Treble: The upper midrange forwardness also trails into the lower treble and brings out a lot of energy in the initial crash of cymbals. This is backed up with great extension, but this added energy could be a little too much for more treble sensitive listeners. They have plenty of bite up top which leads to an exciting listen, not one for those who prefer a smoother, more laid-back sound signature. The B1 is packed full of energy, the treble never gets lost in the mix and has great accuracy when it comes to placement within the soundstage and tonality. The soundstaging is good, but I find the B3 to create a more convincing sense of width whereas the B1 does better in terms of height. Coherency is excellent and the imaging is very accurate.


    The B1 are not for the faint hearted, they have an energetic and impactful sound signature that requires your attention. They have heaps of detail, excellent separation and speed along with great comfort. Be sure to give these a listen, as they are incredibly well tuned for a triple driver earphone. Sound: 4/5 Comfort: 5/5 Build: 4/5 Value: 4/5

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