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    Final E3000 & E2000 Earphone Review - Get Ventilated

    Final E3000

    Final E3000 & E2000 Earphone Review

    Final's a funny name for a company which keeps bringing out great earphones; there's nothing Final here as there's always more to look forward to! Although the Final E3000 and E2000 are budget models when compared to some of their offerings, they are very interesting specimens; dynamically driven and with a hint of openness about them.


    • Simple, small designs
    • Cables round (not ribbon-style)
    • Earhooks included
    • lovely soundstage and imaging


    • Not as isolating as some

    Design and Appearance

    If you're familiar with Final's earphones then you'll see that there's no real departure from a lot of their in-ears. They're a cross between the newer F7200 and the Heaven series, with a sleek and sensible appearance. The capsules are small; again, about halfway between the F7200 and the Heaven series. The capsules for each model differ, as the E2000 has black plastic and the E3000 has shiny stainless steel. Unlike Final's Heaven series, the cable is not of a flat ribbon type but has a pretty standard round design which behaves itself and is quite soft and slinky. The E3000 and E2000 can be worn either with the cable hanging down from the ear or with the cable going over the top of the ear; this can be facilitated by use of the included earhooks. Final E3000 The back ends of the capsules feature a vent each; this allows a little of the sonic 'backwash' to escape from those dynamic drivers, improving the soundstage but also compromising isolation slightly. Very little leaks out though so there's no need to be self-conscious. And if you're keen on wearing earphones with the cable over the ear, Final have thrown in a pair of earhooks with each model.

    Durability and Build Quality

    There is a decent strain relief on the jack end of the cable but it's minimal where it meets the earphones and the 'joiner' in the middle. This shouldn't be a problem unless the earphones are habitually yanked out of the ears (if you do this then you are asking for problems)! As we've come to expect from Final, the build quality is excellent with no flaws.


    The capsule size of the E3000 and E2000 is small, so there should be no issues with fit, and the supplied silicone tips are comfortable enough. Not everyone can get on with silicone tips however, so if aftermarket tips are preferred then the Comply '200' sized tips are suitable, or the newer Blackbird 'S20' tips are available from our outlet.

    Sound Characteristics

    As with many of Final's earphones (both the dynamically driven and balanced armature designs), the sound has lovely clarity, and this dynamic design gives a little bit of extra bass presence when compared to the Heaven II model, for example). Final E3000 These impressions are for the E3000 model. For the E2000, there is a slight shift in the balance between the bass and midrange; there is a little more in the way of midrange when compared to the lower frequencies. Also the E2000 has less refinement with details at the treble end, but this is not obvious without comparing the two models closely.
    • Bass
    These little things offer a surprising bass quality; the 6.4mm drivers can really dish it out! The E3000 is not bassy per se but the bass starts really low, gives a good thump with those kick drums, and is enough to please anyone. It's fairly tight and doesn't interfere with the midrange frequencies at all.
    • Mids
    There's a good deal of clarity and detail here; it's clear when flautists inhale and woodwind keys click. Vocals are nicely textured too. The midrange is not emphasised too much, nor recessed too much. The overall impression is of a smooth sound but there's no feeling that anything is being missed; it's all here.
    • Treble
    The theme continues up the frequency range, with bright and tinkly sounds coming across as just that; these never stray into strident or fatiguing territory. In fact, the opposite may be true as Duran Duran always struck me as a bit cold-sounding (classic 1980s production here) but the E3000 gives them a more natural feel.
    • Soundstage and Separation
    The vented design comes into play here; when compared to most 'sealed' designs the soundstage of the E3000 is impressive with some nice width and depth too; the E2000 is a little behind with its slightly grainer treble but still strikes the right note. Both models give a decent impression of the instruments' placement as well; recordings such as those done by 'The Mint Julep Jazz Band' have us surrounded by some very convincing brass instruments, and it's very enjoyable! Overall, the slight loss of isolation in the design is more than made up for with the soundstage on offer here.

    Music genres good for and why

    As above, anything live or recorded in a big room is a treat, but studio produced tracks are equally as impactful, making both the E3000 and E2000 good candidates for those who like to mix it up.

    Final E3000


    Final's new dynamic offerings, the E3000 and E2000, are amazing value and stay faithful to Final's house sound of a pure and natural presentation with a touch of warmth. These earphones are certainly recommended for the asking price.

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