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    Final F7200 Review - Diminutive Dynamite

    Final F7200 Review - Diminutive Dynamite



    Final (the maker formerly known as Final Audio Design) has introduced some rather nice products in its time, and is known for its trademark house-sound which gives a very pure and natural presentation. It has enjoyed some success with its 'Heaven' range of IEMs among others, but Final is not finished yet. Step forward, the new range of balanced armature IEMs, the F Series. Starting with the F3100 and F4100 models, with the F7200 sitting at the top of this range.


    • Replaceable OFC silver coated cable
    • Novel carry case design and eartip design
    • Clear, natural sound


    • Heaven series fans with expectation bias may notice a change with the Final house sound here

    Design and appearance:

    These earphones are certainly tiny; the addition of eartips makes them seem even smaller somehow! The capsules are 5.5mm in diameter and only 2 grams each. Final has designed them to reduce the distance between the driver and eardrum, making for a more realistic and involving sound. They have a certain functional aesthetic; the stainless steel capsules and OFC silver coated braided cable make the Final F7200 look like a specialist piece of equipment, which arguably, it is. They can be worn with the cable down, or over the ear. Earhooks are supplied to reduce cable noise and keep the cable in position, should this be a problem. They come with a novel case; made of soft silicone, the earphone cable can be wound around the outside, with capsules and jack kept apart to prevent scratching. Also the design avoids bending the cable in the same places, as some other carry case designs do.

    Durability & build quality:

    These new models from Final may be small, but build quality is typically superb. However the MMCX connectors are not designed for repeated disconnection/reconnection so this should only be done if the cable is upgraded, for example. Strain reliefs are very good, and made of clear plastic to keep the earphones pretty. The right-angle jack and Y-split on the cable are made of stainless steel which gives a good impression of quality also. final-f7200-7


    Given their tiny capsule size, the Final F7200 earphones can be adjusted easily to provide the perfect fit; also there are some rather novel eartips included as well as the standard silicone eartips which we all know. These consist of relatively large foam tubes, which slip over the capsules entirely and provide extra comfort and isolation..

    Sound isolation:

    Isolation is fair with the standard eartips, and can be enhanced with the larger 'tube' tips. A bit of experimentation is advised with these, it's quite fun to try something new anyway. final-f7200-6

    Sound characteristics:

    The Final house sound has had a slight tweak here; the F7200 still has a pure and natural quality to it, but with a little more upper midrange presence.


    Low frequencies are well balanced and have great control; these are not earphones for bassheads, but music has a certain authoritative weight to it. Despite being a single balanced armature design, Final has worked its usual magic to maximise bass response without affecting the midrange.


    Midrange is clear and pure; there's a certain bump in the upper midrange which distinguishes the Final F7200 from most of Final's single-BA 'Heaven' series, such as the Heaven IV. This gives an impression of greater accuracy, and makes the F7200 a good choice for professional/monitoring uses, as well as just for enjoying music as an end user.


    The top end is detailed, but there's a natural smoothness there which conveys a sense of realism. It sits well with the slightly accentuated upper midrange and isn't upstaged by it. The combination makes for some very nice harmonics with brass and woodwind instruments, and imaging is as good and accurate as with any single BA design. final-f7200-2

    Soundstage & Separation:

    Soundstage is impressive considering the tiny Final F7200 capsules, and we are reminded of Dr Who's Tardis. Where does all that space come from? Possibly, the purity of the sound from the Final F7200. Separation definitely benefits too; whether the music is simple or complex, the sound never gets congested.

    Music Genres Good For and Why:

    The slightly lifted upper midrange may cause issues for more sensitive souls with a predilection for female vocals; but other that, the Final F7200 will give good service with any genre. The accuracy on offer is especially good with acoustic performances, and as mentioned earlier in this review, the F7200 can be used for professional monitoring purposes and might be a good option for those who find equivalents such as the Etymotic ER4SR a little too dry.

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