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    Goldring GX200 Earphones - bargain priced, high end earbud headphones

    Goldring GX200The Goldring GX200 is an earphone that is a pleasant surprise, both for the ears and the wallet. The HiFi Headphones store now stocks the full range of Goldring headphones, including the new iPod Nano 3G coloured Goldring GX200's. Given the bargain price, the Goldring GX200 in-ear headphone might be expected to be lacking in sound quality. In reality the GX200 turns out to be one of the best sounding bargain earbuds you will find for the money.

    Comfortable Fit

    The fit on the GX200 is excellent and suits many people who find in-ear headphones difficult or uncomfortable to fit. The GX200 earbud has a 'round the corner' design that fits snugly into the ear. The Goldring GX200 comes supplied with three different sized standard silicone eartips to fit a range of ear sizes. In addition the GX200 feature a pair of the superb Comply ear tips, which offer an excellent fit, long term wearing comfort and high levels of noise isolation. We offer the full range of Comply ear tips for Goldring earphones, plus many other brands.

    Superb Sound Quality

    As mentioned above the Goldring GX200 delivers high quality sound. We did some comparative tests with the Sennheiser CX300, CX400 and CX500 and the GX200 won without contest. The Goldring GX200 offers a warm bottom end, i.e. plenty of bass, with a high level of clarity through the mids and highs. The Sennheiser earphones all exhibit a boomy bass and scratchy highs, whereas the GX200 is a much better balanced earphone across the entire frequency range. The GX200 is a very pleasant earphone to listen too and has a musical quality that many more expensive earphones do well to learn from.

    More Goldring GX200 Information

    For the full range of Goldring Headphones, including the Goldring GX100, Goldring GX200 and many other brands check out the HiFi Headphones store.

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