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    Grado Headphone Carry Case - protect your expensive headphones!

    Protect your expensive Grado headphones with a high quality case

    Grado Headphone Carry CaseWe've just taken delivery of the official Grado headphone case. Grado headphones come supplied in cheap cardboard box packaging, which is definitely not up to the task of protecting expensive headphones from day to day wear and tear. The official Grado Headphone Carry Case is well made and designed to store your Grado headphones safely when not in use, or while travelling. The Grado carry case has a moulded interior to fit all models, except the iGrado and GS1000. The case is designed to fit the following models:
    • Grado SR60
    • Grado SR80
    • Grado SR125
    • Grado SR225
    • Grado SR325i
    • Grado RS2
    • Grado RS1

    More Information

    For more details on the Grado Headphone Carry Case and the rest of the Grado headphone range please visit the HiFi Headphones online shop.

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