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    Grado high end headphones - only for audiophiles?

    Grado RS1Grado high end headphones

    Grado high end headphones sometimes get labelled with the term 'audiophile'. The word audiophile may send shivers up your spine, but it's just a word that has been used to describe discerning high end audio enthusiasts who take their music listening very seriously, and Grado headphones do deserve to be taken seriously. Our first listening tests with a sample from the range of Grado open back headphones has left us wondering why we didn't take a listen before. During initial listening tests we've been very impressed by the sounds coming out of these distinctively retro looking 'cans' (an affectionate name for headphones). We love the energetic and up front sound that appears to be the hallmark of the Grado headphone range. Below are a few highlights from the Grado headphone line-up.

    Grado iGrado - iPod streetstyle headphones

    Even the humble bottom of the range iGrado street style headphone really does sound very good indeed. When you compare the iGrado with the rather cheap and muddy sounding standard iPod earbuds you realise that excellent headphones don't actually need to cost a fortune. Grado iGrado Grado iGrado While the iGrado styling is distinctly unique and maybe not to everyone's taste, nobody can deny the performance knocks spots off the competition.

    Grado GS1000 - top of the range

    If you are looking for sonic perfection then the incredible top of the range Grado GS1000 will actually cost a small fortune. The sound coming out of the GS1000 is, however, quite astonishing. If you are looking for perfection in a headphone then the Grado GS1000 has to be quite near to it. Grado GS1000 Grado GS1000 With good Hi-Fi equipment the Grado GS1000 can sound on a par with far more expensive speakers. On a personal note the GS1000 has reminded me why I get so excited about headphones.

    Grado SR225 - best headphones available at this price?

    Somewhere near the middle of the Grado headphone range is the rather nice sounding Grado SR225. Compared with the budget priced Grado SR60, the SR225 is a much more refined sounding headphone. The Grado SR225 is a low impedance headphones, so it is quite possible to drive it with a low spec headphone output, as found on portable players like the iPod and laptops. Grado SR225 Grado SR225 Without a dedicated headphone amplifier the SR225 will give a stunning performance, with solid bass extension and high end intensity that will make you sit up and pay attention. On the other hand, with a good quality headphone amplifier the Grado SR225 will open up and you will experience a new level of sonic detail and even tighter bass response.

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