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    Graham Slee Bitzie Headphone DAC/Amp - Announcement

    The HifiHeadphones team is pleased to announce the new portable headphone amplifier/DAC from Graham Slee, the Bitzie is now available to be purchased on our website. The products from Graham Slee have been very popular ever since we started offering them so we were naturally exicted when we first heard about the release.

    Other than obviously sounding great, the best feature of the Bitzie is that it has been confirmed to work as an external DAC with several Android-based smartphones, like the Galaxy S3 and S4. Android-owners craving for a superior sound fromt their device should look no further!

    • Plug & Play (instantly recognised by virtually all operating systems including Windows 8!)
    • Also Plug & Play with Samsung Galaxy S3 running Android Jellybean — 7 hours playing on fully charged S3!
    • No driver downloads (except Windows 98 which is virtually automatic)
    • Plays 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz via VLC media player, Foobar2000 or other freeware players
    • 24-bit/44.1 or 48 kHz bit-perfect when running suitable software
    • 16-bit/44.1 or 48 kHz S/PDIF permanently on outputs — 75 Ohm transformer isolated coax and optical "toslink" transmitter
    • Full-speed USB
    • Low clock jitter
    • 8x oversampling Burr-Brown USB Audio CODEC
    • USB powered - USB compliant 0.5W consumption
    • Analogue 3rd order Butterworth low pass filter, -1dB at 22kHz, -47dB at 352.8kHz
    • 1.55V rms analogue output
    • Two stereo output jacks
    • Drives all headphones - low impedance and high impedance
    • Drives power amplifiers direct
    • True analogue rotary volume control
    • Smaller than iPod™ footprint - anodized aluminium case
    • Smaller than our Voyager portable headphone amplifier
    • Included high quality full-size jack to stereo RCA jack adapter
    • Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom
    Read more on Graham Slee's website! To purchase the unit, please visit our website: Graham Slee Bitzie USB DAC & USB Headphone Amplifier

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