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    Graham Slee Headphone Amplifier - give your iPod a boost

    Graham Slee Voyager iPod Headphone Amplifier

    Graham Slee Voyager - Give your iPod a high quality audio kick

    The incredible sounding Graham Slee Voyager iPod headphone amplifier is now available from the HiFi Headphones store. If you appreciate high quality audio and feel that listening to your iPod is a bit of compromise, then the British built Graham Slee Voyager Headphone Amp is an ideal solution. As most high end audio enthusiasts will quickly tell you, the iPod's headphone output is actually pretty bad at driving many headphones. The Graham Slee Voyager gives an iPod the extra grunt that enables it to easily drive high quality headphones, such as the Sennheiser HD650, with added warmth and fullness and without distortion. As well as allowing the iPod to drive higher end Hi-Fi headphones, the Graham Slee Voyager is a also perfect for driving lower impedance earphones and headphones. The Voyager headphone amplifier features a contour switch to equalise street-wear headphones, emulating the sound you get from "home" or Hi-Fi headphones - putting back that missing bottom-end bass and replacing the usual scratchy highs with the whole clarity that makes this portable headphone amplifier "hard to switch-off".

    About Graham Slee

    The Voyager headphone amp has been developed and produced in the UK by the team at Graham Slee based in South Yorkshire. Graham Slee have a long history manufacturing high end phono amplifiers and headphone amplifiers. The Graham Slee Voyager is their first step into the world of portable audio, but this is fast becoming a major part of the business.

    More Information

    For more information check out the Graham Slee Voyager Headphone Amp and a range of other high quality Headphone Amplifiers at the HiFi Headphones online store here in the UK.

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