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    Graham Slee Voyager headphone amp - back in stock after long delays

    Graham Slee VoyagerThe Graham Slee Voyager headphone amplifier is back in stock after a delay of some months. The delays, due to a shortage of the parts, has meant the Graham Slee portable headphone amp has been out of stock with many UK retailers for an extended period of time. John Cadman, Graham Slee's production manager, reported that the delays have been caused by a shortage of the Voyager case component. The case is manufactured outside the UK (in Canada) and the shortage of this one component has held up production.

    About the Voyager

    Graham Slee produced the Voyager headphone amplifier to be used with MP3 players, such as the iPod, and other portable audio devices. The Voyager amp simply plugs into the headphone output of the audio source and you plug your headphones or earphones into the Voyager's headphone out. Alternatively the Voyager can be connected to an iPod with a cable that connects directly to the iPod's dock connector. This setup provides a better quality line level signal than the headphone output socket.

    About Graham Slee

    Graham Slee have a long standing reputation in the British audio world for producing phono pre-amplifiers (for vinyl record playing turntables) and high quality desktop headphone amplifiers, such as the Graham Slee Solo. The Solo headphone amp is popular in broadcast and recording studio environments. The Voyager is the first venture into portable headphone amplifiers for Graham Slee and has been very well received by the audio and HiFi press.

    More Information

    For a range headphone amplifiers, including the Graham Slee Voyager, please visit the HiFi Headphones store.

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