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    Headphone Unboxing Video Compilation

    Headphone Unboxing Video Masterpost

    Greetings, headphone enthusiasts! Is there anything better than cracking open a fresh new bit of audio kit? We propose that there is not. That's why we're gathering all our new unboxing videos under one roof, for those times when you just want to curl up with a good bit of vicarious audio product consumption. Let us know if you have a suggestion for a future unboxing! We want to open everything we can get our grubby hands on.


    It's been a hot minute! Today John unboxes the Shanling ME500 Hybrid Triple Driver IEM Earphones. If you'd like more information about them, check out our review right here on the blog.


    John is back and today he's unboxing the Final B3 Dual Drivers IEMs in beautiful frost silver.


    John unboxes the beautiful, polished Oriveti OH500 Hybrid 5 Drivers IEM earphones.

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