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    Have you every looked through a HiFi magazine wondering how on earth anyone can afford to pursue an interest in high fidelity audio equipment?The cost of audiophile quality gear can be astronomic.A quick glance through What Hifi magazine and you will soon find a pair of speakers that cost three grand.Ouch!

    How about an alternative to all this expensive HiFi?Imagine owning an audio setup that sounds like it costs thousands of pounds, but actually costs just a few hundred!It’s actually really simple.It’s no secret that the budget route to achieving sonic excellence is via headphones. You really do get dramatically more 'bang for your buck' with headphones.

    Take for example the Sennheiser HD650's Audiophile series headphones. These headphones are widely regarded as the ultimate pair of Sennheisers! The Sennheiser HD650's have an RRP of £329 (approx $650) and you can find them for less than £250 (approx $500). Where would you find a pair of truly audiophile speakers for that kind of money?

    Sennheiser HD650 HiFi Headphones

    Sennheiser HD650 Headphones

    Yes, you can spend thousands of pounds on headphones, but for normal HiFi listening a pair of £300 headphones can offer astonishing levels of detail and audio dynamics.Paired with a good quality headphone amplifier you enter a world of high fidelity audio that would normally cause serious financial trauma.

    Take a look at our broad range of high quality HiFi headphones from Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, Grado and many other top brands at the HiFi Headphones store.

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