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    How To Choose Wireless TV Headphones

    In my last article I wrote about the different ways you can set up wireless headphones with a TV. This time I will talk about the different types of headphones available and how to choose the correct one for you. So you've determined which outputs your TV has and now it's time to pick your headphone – here is a list of the best wireless TV headphones for each connection type.

    RCA Phono/Jack Plug (analogue)

    Thomson WHP3311Thomson WHP3311

    This is our most popular wireless TV headphone. Amazing value for money - packaged with a charging dock as well as offering clarity and comfort. the Thomson WHP3311 is the best TV headphone we've come across for under £50.

    sennheiser-rs165Sennheiser RS165

    Sennheiser Set 840TV Wireless Stethoset TV Listening SystemSennheiser SET 840 TV

    The SET 840 TV is the ultimate assistive listening wireless headphone. Great sound quality and three selectable hearing settings on transmitter for optimised speech intelligibility. The volume control has left and right balance settings as well as tone control.

    Sennheiser RS120-II Wireless Open Back On Ear Headphone SystemSennheiser RS120-II (DISCONTINUED)

    If you're looking for a sub £100 wireless headphone then you can't go wrong with the RS120-II. The transmitter can charge the headphones and uses RF (radio frequency) to transmit audio - this gives you a very long range but can be susceptible to interference. The headphones are open back so they will leak sound - but will provide a natural sound with good width.

    TV Ears 2.3 Wireless Voice Clarifying Stethoset TV Listening System

    TV Ears 2.3 (DISCONTINUED)

    For the hard of hearing, the TV Ears 2.3 is very hard to fault at the very low price of £59.95. They use infra red to transmit audio so you get a clear sound, they are susceptible to interference though. The sound quality is what you'd expect for the price but as they are designed for the hard of hearing their main focus is on the upper frequencies - so for this purpose they work very well.

    Coaxial/Optical (digital)

    Sennheiser RS170 Wireless Closed Back Headphone System

    Sennheiser RS175

    The RS175 transmits digitally using Sennheiser's advanced technology, this provides a much clearer sound with no interference. The headphones are extremely comfortable and they are closed back so they isolate sound very well. The transmitter acts as a charging station for the headphones and also provides Dynamic Bass and Surround Sound listening modes and the built in DAC allows a digital connection via Optical cable. Sennheiser RS180 Wireless Open Back Headphone System

    Sennheiser RS185

    The RS185 is almost identical to the RS175 except the headphones are open backed. This means that the headphones will leak sound, but you will get a wider and more natural sound from them. You can also adjust the balance for left and right channels separately. FiiO D03K Taishan Coaxial/Optical DAC

    FiiO D03K

    If your TV only has digital outputs and you don't want to go for the Sennheiser RS220, the FiiO D03K can solve your problem. Adding this to the chain between the TV (coaxial or optical output) and wireless headphone means that you can use any of the headphones I have mentioned in this article. A very handy piece of kit!

    Sennheiser RS220 Wireless Open Back Headphone System

    Sennheiser RS220 (DISCONTINUED)

    The Swiss army knife of wireless headphones - The RS220 can connect itself to analogue (RCA) and digital (coaxial and optical) sources. The headphones themselves are open backed and provide an audiophile experience. The transmitter has a built in DAC (digital to analogue converter) so when used with a digital source, the sound is superb! The headphones feature balance control for left and right channels, a charging docking station and Sennheiser offer an extended 5 year warranty.

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