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    Jaybird X2 Wireless earphones Review

    Jaybird X2 Wireless earphones Review -The No Bother Jogger/training without the draining

    Jaybird X2 - Woman


    Being New Year, resolutions abound; after Christmas we feel like losing the pounds we gained during the festivities and seek to turn over a new leaf. Cue the Jaybird X2 wireless, which is the perfect pacing partner and will still keep us entertained when we inevitably just take to sitting around the house eating pizza instead. Usually by February. After the good intentions have become a distant memory however, the Jaybird X2 can still provide good and useful service as a decent wireless earphone when commuting or frying chips.

    Design and appearance (e.g. attractiveness, feel)

    The Jaybird X2 is sleek and discreet; its looks blend in with all types of lycra and the supplied earhooks help to keep the earphones in; whether running, jumping, or just bent over whilst gasping for breath. The X2 can be worn either with the cable going over the back of the ears or with the cable coming straight down.

    Durability & build quality (e.g. cabling, connectors, materials)

    The X2 earphones are certainly built with an eye on the needs of exercise fans. They are rugged and will shrug off sweat, splashes of water and the odd impact like it's a run in the park. The flat cable is well finished and the X2 even comes with some little parts to place on the cable and take up the slack when it's worn. This cuts down on a lot of the 'microphonics', or audible vibrations which travel up the cable when it is in motion.


    Certainly with the correct sized earfins, the X2 stays put so we can concentrate on our chosen exercise. There are Comply eartips included in the pack as well as the more familiar silicone ones, so a bit of experimenting gets a perfect fit.

    Sound isolation (if applicable)

    Isolation is very good, however there's always a danger with earphones being too effective when we are out and about. The Jaybird X2 earphoneshits the right balance between audio seclusion and being struck by a Mack truck. Most of what can safely be ignored will go unnoticed! Jay bird X2

    Sound characteristics:

    The sound of the X2 is aimed at fans of most genres which get the blood pumping. The overall sound signature is comfortable and enjoyable; there is no chance of fatigue with the Jaybird X2 (well, listening fatigue anyway).

    Bass (e.g. punch, low extension):

    Bass starts low, and is slightly accentuated but has good amount of texture and leaves the midrange relatively uncluttered. Control could be better but is quite acceptable.

    Mids (e.g. vocals, acoustic instruments):

    Vocals and acoustic tracks are warmed up slightly by the bass presence, but there is still a good deal of clarity here; harmonics and delays are noticeable but may be a little recessed for some tastes.

    Treble (e.g. high hats):

    Higher frequencies are on the gentle side and for a majority of users, this is preferable. Percussion and other high frequency sounds are there, but have no chance of hurting the ears and hindering concentration.

    Soundstage & Separation:

    Soundstage is fair, with separation of instruments OK too. The wireless nature of the headphones and the bluetooth transmission method does lead to some compromises when it comes to sound quality, and this impacts on clarity dependent attributes such as soundstage and imaging/separation.

    Music genres good for and why:

    Being aimed at exercise and training enthusiasts, the Jaybird X2 excels in training-montage friendly genres such as rock, dance, pop and rap. Anything which benefits from an increased bass response will be in the sweet spot and will help to not feel the burn.


    Perfect for keep fit folks A good wireless option for general use Nice selection of accessories


    Not for those who want a no-compromise sound - Battery will need to be kept charged Jaybird X2 - Man


    Wireless earphones are getting more and more popular, and the Jaybird brand has a good pedigree in this field. The Jaybird X2 earphone is a very neat and effective solution for those who want a wire-free earphone, whether exercise is intended or not!

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