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    KEF M500 Closed Back Apple Compatible Headphones - Announcement

    KEF M500 Closed Back Apple Compatible Headphones

    Taking the celebrated KEF M500 Closed Back Apple Compatible Headphones sound to the streets, the M500 headphones offer balanced and natural sound with intense clarity and detail united with comfortable design and Smartphone compatibility.

    KEF M500 headphones incorporate fine-tuned 40mm neodymium drivers that deliver an extended high definition frequency response. Precise driver alignment in the acoustic chamber optimises clarity, dynamics and bass performance. Special acoustic sealing rings in the earcups allows for full isolation from external sounds while minimising sound leakage to the outside maintaining a private listening experience.

    With KEF's unique multi-directional Smart Hinge that make sure the earcups are positioned perfectly. Breathable memory foam earpads, lightweight design and comfortable headband together make the M500 a pleasure to wear, even for extended listening sessions. KEF's high performance audio cable incorporates an in-line microphone and remote for iPhone and other Apple devices, smartphones, computers and other mobile devices. To make sure the headphones are protected when not in use, KEF include an elegant storage case that matches the M500 design and build quality.
    • Neodymium driver tuned to deliver full range high definition response
    • Acoustic chamber is precisely positioned to optimise clarity, dynamics and bass
    • Copper-clad aluminium wire voice coil improves response to enhance musical subtleties and detail
    • Precision engineered in aluminium alloy lightweight frame
    • Multi-directional Smart Hinge on frame conforms to head shape
    • Memory foam earpads mould to the shape of the ear
    • Breathable earpad material maximises bass performance and comfort
    • Acoustic sealing ring isolates from external noise and minimises sound leakage
    • In-line microphone and remote for iPhone and other Apple products
    • Smartly designed matching case included

    To purchase the unit, please visit our website:

    Buy KEF M500 Closed Back Foldable Apple Compatible HiFi Headphones

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