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    Klipsch Image X5 and HiFi Headphones listed in 12 best gadgets roundup at Telegraph Online

    Klipsch Image X5The Klipsch Image X5 is the new single wideband driver earphone from Klipsch (launched in the UK in Nov 2008). Looking very similar in design to the more expensive Klipsch Image X10, we think this new earphone is set to make waves in the mid-range earphone market. Linking to the Klipsch Image X5 product page at HiFi Headphones, Claudine Beaumont of the Telegraph newspaper featured the Klipsch X5 earphone in a 12 Best Gadgets roundup. Claudine's review offered enthusiastic comments such as, "incredibly comfortable and lightweight", "providing a rich music-listening experience, with lovely, crisp tones even when listening at low volumes" and "these headphones are pricey, but worth every penny". It seems Claudine likes the Klipsch X5 very much! For those outside the UK the Telegraph is a national newspaper with just under 1 million daily readers.

    Cheaper Alternative to Klipsch X10

    The Klipsch X5 has a recommended retail price of £129.99 and is therefore somewhat cheaper than the superb sounding Klipsch X10 (RRP £179.99). According to Klipsch, the main difference between the X5 and X10 is the size of the earphone casing, which they say reduces their manufacturing costs. In our tests the X5 does have a slightly less powerful bass response than the X10, but both earphones do have a very similar sound signature. If £180 seems way to much cash to spend on earphones, then the Klipsch X5 may well convince you to give high end in-ear sound isolating earphones a try.

    More Information

    For more information on the Klipsch Image X5 or Klipsch Image X10 and a full range of in-ear headphones, please visit the HiFi Headphones store.

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