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    Lauri Cular reviews the Shanling M0

    Shanling M0 - The Call of the Small

    Shanling M0 Years ago when recorded music on vinyl was first available, music fans would dress up as if going to a concert in order to listen. It seems daft now, but with their limited frame of reference and their respect for musicianship, we can understand. And the same has happened many times since; with developments in technology over the past century or so, our relationship with music changes again and again. The development of such things as amplification in the 1920s, magnetic tape, and the famous Sony Walkman all affected our lives in one way or another. It brought more options when listening, and it brought more lifelike and better-recorded music to us. So much so, that we can now take it for granted to the point of listening to our musical heroes in our underpants. Apple created its own musical revolution years ago with the iPod; although these little players tended to cost big bucks, it was another Walkman-like effect on how we consume music with the iPod's (then) huge capacity of 20 or 40 gigabytes. Since then we've had micro SD cards which increase capacity, but the lasting perception since the iPod is that decent mobile audio is expensive. Step forward, Shanling! The M0 achieves the mobile audio holy trinity; it's small, can accept Micro SD cards of up to 512Gb, and costs only £99. Added to that, the M0 has features such as Bluetooth Hi-Res transmission, a touch screen and build quality you can bang nails in with. Don't believe us? Give the M0 a try and if your relationship with music doesn't change within 30 days, we'll give your money back!

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