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    LINDY HF-100 Headphones Review - Low Cost, High Value.

    LINDY HF-100 Hi-Fi Headphones Review - Low Cost - High Value.

    LINDY HF-100 Premium Hi-Fi Headphones


    In return for money spent, the sound quality that the Lindy HF-100 Premium Hi-Fi Headphone puts out is no less than stunning. When guessing what these headphones cost, we overshot like England penalty-takers; we never guessed that this sound would be available for well under £100. If you want to keep someone convivial, buy them these headphones and you will have a friend for life; albeit a very preoccupied one. Perfect for use at home or on the move, but an amp or dedicated music player is required. At 60ohms impedance/100dB sensitivity these will not be sufficiently powered by a phone alone for example.


    • Ridiculously Good Value
    • Comfortable
    • Travel Case
    • Alternative earpads
    • Removeable cable
    • A taste of audiophilia for under £100!


    • Not suitable for use straight from a phone
    • Cable runs to both left and right earcups


    Headphones for £100 and under have been a mixed bag generally; at this price point, designs have been compromised in some way in order to keep down costs and the more substanial the headphones looked, the more substandard they sounded. So with all this baggage the Lindy HF-100 had its work cut out and impressed us despite it all.

    Key Features

    Being a full size headphone, the Lindy HF-100 includes the expected accessories such as jack adaptor and storage case but with a nice pair of alternative earpads too - these are a little firmer than the earpads which are fitted to the headphones when new and will change the sound signature, try these if the original pads do not suit you.

    First Impressions

    The Lindy HF-100 is a low-cost full size headphone from the Lindy brand, a name perhaps linked with a plethora of gadgets, connectors and peripherals. Our surprise at how good these headphones sound may have been partly due to them being new on the headphone scene, but now that they have come out again for this review I have only the cost in mind, and we're still delighted. -LINDY HF-100 Premium Hi-Fi Headphones

    Sound Quality

    The Lindy HF-100 Premium Hi-Fi Headphonehas a fun sound; very engaging, and with a decent bass. Not woolly and voluminous, but well controlled and balanced. They respond very well to EQ, the bass boost on my FiiO E12 not being lost on them. Midrange is clear and spacious, with a good amount of detail. Higher up in the midrange the sound is a little uncompromising in terms of stiffness - there is no peak here to cause the listener discomfort but the HF-100 can seem a little starchy and unyielding where a more expensive headphone would be smooth, for example the SoundMAGIC HP-150. With good quality recordings this is a minor detail, but low bitrates and poor recordings may get fatiguing to listen to after a while.


    As with everything you get what you pay for. Although I should make that 'most things' as there are exceptions to this rule; not least the Lindy HF-100. A while ago, I would have expected to achieve a sound like this if I were to spend £150 or over. But not any more.

    Score 8.5

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