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    Lindy WHF-45 Wireless TV Headphones - Review


    • Lightweight
    • Sounds extraordinary for the price
    • Simple operation
    • Includes DAC (decodes digital audio)


    No included batteries

    Quick verdict

    A perfect and low cost introduction to the world of wireless audio; now there's no need to miss any of your favourite show's dialogue if the cat needs to be put out, or if you need that cup of tea. For the asking price, the Lindy WHF-45 is second to none.



    Wireless headphones have been around for a while, but are often to be found at the £100 mark or higher. Step forward Lindy, who have introduced some amazing specimens for almost half that - £54.98! Older transmission methods such as Radio Frequency/FM (used by the Sennheiser RS120-II for instance) have been around for some years and are still popular, but the 2.4GHz digital transmission method employed by the Lindy WHF-45 is less susceptible to interference, even when used near Wi-Fi routers and other similar devices.


    Key Features

    Features are basic with a volume control and 'connect' button on the headphones, for helping with connection to the transmitter. The transmitter itself outdoes many higher-priced equivalents in that it doubles as a DAC (digital to analogue converter) for direct connection to a computer for online TV services, or for music. It can also be powered via the same USB connection, or with the supplied mains adapter if an analogue signal is fed into it via the 3.5mm socket.


    First Impressions

    The headphones are very light; they're obviously designed with comfort in mind, for relaxing in front of a favourite TV show for instance. Pairing is a doddle, transmitter and headphones were able to spot each other straight away when switched on, and music began to play with very little work.

    Sound Quality

    The headphones perform far above expectations, given the asking price. These are being tested with high quality and well produced music such as Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' and with thrilling results! Soundstage is very wide and immersive, bass is deep. Mid-range and treble are also very good for any headphone at this price, never mind a wireless model.

    Some people may be aware that digital wireless headphones can introduce a slight delay while the sound is converted to wireless and back again; with the Lindy WHF-45 this is minimal; certainly when watching somebody speaking, there is no noticeable delay between the video and audio from the headphones.


    It's great to see digital wireless headphones at this price; and especially with this audio quality. Now there can be no excuse for noisy night time excursions to Hollywood and beyond - for under £60 any long-suffering hubby or housemate can be guaranteed a good night's sleep with the Lindy WHF-45!
    Score 8.5/10

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