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    Lypertek Tevi True Wireless Earphones Review & Video

    Lypertek Tevi True Wireless In Ear Isolating Bluetooth Earphones Review

    Hey everyone, John here. Lypertek are new on the scene, and they have arrived with a bang! Their latest model is the TEVI: True Wireless earphones that look and feel as good as some of the pricier models out there. These are going for £99 so could be quite the steal! Let’s find out.


    On opening the Lypertek TEVI, the first thing that strikes me is the supplied charging case; it doesn’t look like your usual £99 product. The case actually reminds me of Sennheiser’s £250 True Wireless model... just saying. The material outer coating feels great to touch and shows that they mean business. There’s nothing cheap about the build here! The case opens and closes with a solid feel, and the battery level lights add to the sleek design. Then there’s the earphones themselves. Lypertek has gone for a simple design that looks attractive and very well built; they have a minimal look that’s been finished nicely.


    The TEVI sits very comfortably in my ear, they have managed to angle the sound tube perfectly to give a secure and solid fit. Supplied with the earphones are a selection of eartips, including Lypertek’s own Flexifit foam tips. For me, the foam tips provided the best fit in terms of comfort and sound. When trying the TEVI yourself make sure to try all of the supplied tips in order to achieve the best fit for you. LyperTek Tevi True Wireless Earphone Main

    FEATURES (size, isolation, accessories)

    Lots of features have been packed into the TEVI. In terms of controls, you can play/pause, skip tracks, increase/decrease volume, take calls and enable your voice assistant all from the buttons on the side of the earphones. I really like the way the buttons have been placed, they are easy to press and do not cause any discomfort when used. Pairing is very easy with the TEVI. The earphones turn on as soon as they are removed from the case, then with two button presses on either earpiece, the TEVI goes into pairing mode, then you can find them on your device. Whether you pair to the right or left earpiece doesn’t matter: once you connect to one of them, the earphones are ready to use.


    The TEVI uses the latest wireless technology, supporting Bluetooth 5.0 as well as aptX and AAC audio codecs. Battery life is very impressive. You get up to 10 hours of use when the earphones are fully charged, and then with a fully charged case you can get a total of up to 70 hours while out and about! This is one of the highest ratings I have come across. You also get an IPX7 waterproof rating which will protect the TEVI from sweat and rain, ideal for those long gym sessions or a run in the rain. LyperTek Tevi True Wireless Earphones 2


    Listening to the TEVI, I would never have associated this level of sound quality with a sub £100 True Wireless earphone. These instantly grabbed my attention with their crisp and dynamic sound. Lypertek have tuned the Graphene coated 6mm driver extremely well.

    Bass Response

    Bass comes across well controlled and punchy. There’s power here without getting bloated and I never get the feeling of too much bass. The TEVI goes low and provides weight while allowing the mids to breathe.

    Midrange (Instrumental/Vocals)

    Midrange is crisp and cuts through without being too forward for my tastes. Vocals and snares sit nicely in the mix without getting lost, and whether listening to intricate jazz rock, pop or ambient electronic, the TEVI handles different genres well without ever sounding muddled.

    Treble (Extension)

    Up top, the TEVI provides definition and space without harshness or the risk of fatigue. Treble has a smooth edge, which delivers a focused and engaging sound. While they don’t have the widest sound, soundstage provides depth and the level of separation will allow you to pick out where sounds are coming from.


    Call quality is very impressive with the TEVI. The microphone does a great job of picking out speech, providing clear call quality. LyperTek Tevi True Wireless Earphones 3


    In terms of build and sound quality, I’d say that the TEVI definitely competes with the big (and pricier) brands such as Sennheiser, RHA, Samsung, Apple and Jabra. Then when you factor in the £99 price tag, the TEVI becomes serious True Wireless competition. In my opinion, the Lypertek TEVI is a no brainer for those looking for a new True Wireless earphone.

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