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    Meze 99 Neo Headphone Review

    Meze 99 Neo

    Meze 99 Neo Headphone Review

    The Meze 99 Neo are an aesthetically pleasing, warm sounding, easy listening headphone suitable for kicking back and enjoying rather than analysing.


    • Looks
    • Build quality
    • Smooth sound


    • Bass is not the tightest
    • Not the widest soundstage

    Meze 99 Neo

    Aesthetics, Build quality and Accessories

    The Meze 99 Neo have a vintage look about them, with silver accents and black cups the colours compliment each other perfectly. There is nothing overly remarkable about the appearance of these headphones, but they do look very sleek and stylish. They are well built, the cups are plastic the headband is solid metal, the cable and earpads are replaceable, all in all a very well built headphone. The Meze 99 Neo comes with a great range of accessories, you get a hardcase to transport them in, a 1.2m cable with microphone and a regular 3m cable and a jack adaptor, a great array of accessories and all that is needed.


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    Comfort and Isolation

    These headphones are very comfortable, the earpads encapsulate your ears nicely, and are deep enough so that your ear does not touch the driver. I am a big fan of the headband pad as it is elasticated and conforms to the shape of you head better than most headphones out there. These are closed back, and use pleather pads so your ears will heat up over long listening sessions, but overall they are a very comfortable headphone. Isolation is fine for general home, office and most portable use, but they are not the best for very noisy environments.

    Meze 99 Neo

    Sound quality

    • Bass
    The bass on these is very full, almost too full sometimes, but manages to keep controlled and not affect the mids too much. The bass manages to dig deep with excellent rumble when called for, the punch is backed up with good body but is not the fastest and struggles to keep up with heavy rock music.
    • Mids
    Male vocals sit a little farther behind in the mix, due to the full nature of the lows, whereas female vocals come across a little more forward and cleaner. Separation and placement is well done, and the tonality is good, and there is no harshness at all in the mids.
    • Treble
    Laid back is how I would describe the treble on these, the treble is well detailed and present, but not in huge quantities.
    • Soundstage and Separation
    The soundstage is not huge, they offer quite an intimate presentation but the separation is very good, and layering is very well done.


    The Meze 99 Neo are a relaxed sounding headphone, they are easy to sit back and listen to, the bass sounds a little uncontrolled during certain tracks, but they offer great build quality, looks and good sound quality for the price. Meze 99 Neo

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