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    Mission QX-2 Bookshelf Speaker Review

    Aesthetics and Build Quality:

    Mission have gone for a modern look with the QX-2 and they stand out amongst the more conventional boxy bookshelf speakers out there. Aluminium plates on the top and bottom, rounded corners and the signature tweeter on the bottom design is sure to turn some heads. These will fit really well in most spaces, and they come in a few different colours to match your décor. Build quality is excellent, the aluminium plates on the top and bottom add weight to the main construction which is vinyl wrapped. The fit and finish of all components is great, there is one pair of binding posts so you cannot bi-wire these. The design has been carefully thought out to increase mass, reduce resonance and provide the best sound possibly whilst looking great doing so.


    The QX-2 are rear ported so they do like to have a bit of breathing space, sounding their best when positioned slightly away from a rear wall. They are also quite heavy and are best set on a set of dedicated stands. With a power rating of 25-100w and a sensitivity of 88dB (2.00v @ 1m) they are not the most demanding of speakers however, the nominal impedance is 8Ohm but they do dip to 3.6Ohms so having a good amplifier will help them sound their best. A sub £500 integrated amp would be the perfect place to start with these.


    For their size, the QX-2 really do know how to get your feet tapping and yet there is a great sense of control and refinement that sticks with you. Sporting a 15cm mid/bass driver the QX-2 are more than capable of pumping out enough low end to satisfy most users, however it is the quality that really shines here. Kick drums sound real, with the perfect balance between hitting hard, yet with the right about of body to back it up. If you are using these in a home theatre setup, you might want to add a sub, but in a normal multi-use 2 channel system they are more than capable of filling a small to medium size room. The lows are controlled and refined, yet have plenty of get up and go when called for, an impressive feat for a speaker of this size. The midrange has a silky smooth, and effortless quality to it, although I wouldn’t call them the most neutral here. There is a little hint of warmth to the midrange that renders them effortless yet at the same time they are not missing out on technical details. Vocals come across with a more organic tone to them, whilst guitars have excellent placement within the soundstage. Much like the low end, there is plenty of energy here but without presenting itself in an overly enthusiastic way. Micro-detail might not be their strong point, but the sheer fun of these makes me not worry too much about that. The interesting looking ring dome tweeter does an impressive job of offering up a very open and detailed top end yet steering clear of becoming sharp and fatiguing. They don’t quite have the sheer brilliance or energy of some metal dome tweeters, but they offer up a very refined and smooth top end that really blends well with the rest of the sound of the QX-2. The extension is effortless and they never sound strained or rolled off, adding a real sense of space to the soundstage. Imaging is very accurate and the sound staging is excellent with a very spacious sound for a small pair of speakers.


    The QX-2 strike the perfect balance between being engaging yet refined, these are sure to appeal to plenty of listeners with their easy to like sound. Careful placement will ensure you get the best out of these, they are exceptionally clean yet always well controlled and refined and a pure joy to listen to. If you are looking for a pair of sub £500 bookshelf speakers, these should be high up on your list of models to try out. Aesthetics: 5/5 Sound: 4.5/5 Build Quality: 5/5 Value: 5/5

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