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    Moby "Ooh Yeah" video competition - mad about Sennheiser HD280 headphones

    Moby Ohh Yeah - Dancing HeadphonesHere at the HiFi Headphones store we thought we were crazy about headphones. That is until we were sent this mad, but very clever, music video that is being entered into Moby's competition for his new song "Ooh Yeah". The clever guys at Beshart Design Entertainment have made an animated music video to accompany Moby's song "Ooh Yeah" that involves lots of dancing Sennheiser HD280 headphones. Read their own description of how the video came about: "A few weeks ago we heard about moby's video contest for his new song ooh yeah. We started fooling around with our old sennheiser HD 280 Pro in front of a camera and made it dance. Pleased with the result, but we wanted more! We contacted sennheiser belgium and 2 weeks later we received 2 boxes filled with sennheisers. The HD 650 is by far the best set of headphones I ever had the joy to listen to, but when it comes to making them dance, the HD 280 Pro has no competition." "To make a long story short... in 4 days we improvised a small photo studio in our office, made 8 sennheisers HD 280 Pro dance, took over 1500 pictures with two camera's and edited them all to the beat of moby's new song 'ooh yeah'." You can see the animated music video of Moby's Ooh Yeah yourself at the following link:

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