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    Musical Fidelity MF-100 Portable Headphone - Review

    Lauri Cular and infidelity are very familiar with each other; but here's a fine pair of headphones to reintroduce Lauri to the straight and narrow path of audio absolution..

    Musical Fidelity MF-100 On inspecting the clean, white box which contains these latest objects of curiosity, one feature stands out - there appears to be the packaging equivalent of Tippex: a sticker placed over an erronious line of text. Tantalisingly, the words 'Balanced Armature' show through - is Musical Fidelity planning a full-size BA hybrid? Is it text meant for a smaller box containing in-ear headphones but accidentally printed on a bigger box? Stand by sleuthers; I also have the EB-33 in-ear (not reviewed here). It has the same sticker covering the same indiscretion. Is someone at Musical Fidelity getting their driver types mixed up or is something in the pipeline? What's wrong with all this speculation? It's the natural consequense of hearing the MF-100s. I like them and I want more. The prospect of clapping my ears on a BA equivalent is attractive to me; what else can I do? On first seeing the MF-100s I was struck by the design; not too flashy but with just enough pazzazz to get them looking attractive. With their sturdy black and chrome build, they remind me of the mid-1990s hair salons in which I would be tempted to get the occasional perm. I just have the combover now, and on windy days I daren't go out for fear of looking like a walking pedal bin.

    However now I have my MF-100s I can dally with a dust-devil or tarry in a tornado. The clamping force is on the high side with these, though it may be possible to bend the headband back and relieve the pressure - I daren't with my review pair though. The sound is detailed and on the cool side. The MF-100s are a great match for the Just Audio UHA120 which has a warmer output, but a pairing with something like a Fiio E12 will take a fan of a sound which is bass light and detail rich. Although the earcups do not enclose the ear, they do cover it so the cold wind does not bother me too much, and with the featured mic/button I needn't take my gloves off should I get a phone call. This is unlikely as I'm very unpopular, but that's the power of the combover.

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