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    Releases for 09/05/2019

    Campfire Audio IO

    Campfire Audio IO

    The newest release from Campfire Audio comes in the form of the Campfire Audio IO, a garnet-coloured IEM with dual balanced armature drivers. The IO features a detachable silver-plated copper cable with smoky tangle-resistant jacket and updated Beryllium copper MMCX connectors. You can also expect the array of accessories you expect from Campfire Audio.

    Campfire Audio Polaris (2019 Edition)

    Campfire Audio Polaris 2019 Campfire have updated the legendary Polaris IEM for 2019, aptly titled... yes, you guessed it: the Polaris 2019 Edition. Campfire kept the basic setup of the dual drivers, but everything else has been reworked from the floor up, including the drivers themselves.

    Campfire Audio Andromeda

    Campfire Andromeda

    Campfire's iconic green anodized IEMs, the Andromeda, have gotten a few tweaks for spring 2019, including a cable update, fresh new accessories, and a change to the connectors. Also given a boost is the earhook design which sees Campfire rid itself of the memory wire previously housed in the cable itself.

    Etymotic ER2-XR

    Etymotic ER2-XR The Etymotic ER2-XR extended response in-ear isolating earphones deliver Etymotic's iconic passive isolation to block out up to 35dB of background noise. This means you won't have to blast the volume to appreciate the ER2-XR's full bass response and detailed sound.

    Etymotic ER2-SE

    Etymotic ER2-SE These guys look similar to their cousins, but the ER2-SE is a powerful flat-response in-ear perfect for studio professionals. It's called the 'Studio Edition' for a reason! No range is altered, giving a crystal clear representation of the original sound.

    Oriveti OH300

    Oriveti OH300 Oriveti is dropping two shiny new IEMs, the first of which is the Oriveti OH300. These triple driver IEMs give a beautiful clear, balanced, neutral sound and look incredibly sleek and impressive. Probably the IEMs Batman would own, if he needed to hear crystal clear audio of himself delivering brutal one-liners.

    Oriveti OH500

    Oriveti OH500 The Oriveti OH500 houses five drivers (quad balanced, single dynamic) within its gorgeous resin exterior. With those, you get an unfailingly smooth response with some strong low end. Their handcrafted cable of eight-strand braided silver plated wire is second to none, but still detachable for your convenience.

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