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    New WeSC Sitar & Bag Pipe Headphones - bright colours and high quality sound

    WeSC Sitar Folding Headphones

    WeSC Sitar We have just taken delivery of the brand new WeSC Sitar headphones. The Sitar headphones comes in a range of cool colours and a stylish design that should satisfy the most fashion conscious listener. The Sitar is a surprisingly lightweight headphone and has handy rotating ear pieces, making it possible to use them for DJ monitoring. The sound quality is superb, with plenty of bass and good reproduction of higher frequencies. The Sitar's earpads sit on the top of the ears, rather than enclosing them completely, so while they seal out some noise they do let some external sound in. Over the last year WeSC have been consistently releasing headphones with funky designs and compared with some of the other 'trendy' headphones on offer we have been very impressed with the sound quality of WeSC's headphones.

    WeSC Bag Pipe DJ Headphones

    If you are looking for stylish DJ headphones in cool colours then another option is the WeSC Bag Pipe. The WeSC Bag Pipe has larger ear pieces than the Sitar, which means they are better at isolating you from external noise than the Sitar. WeSC Bag Pipe Stretch Armstrong Headphones WeSC Bag Pipe Headphones - Stretch Armstrong The sound quality with the WeSC Bag Pipe is equally as good as the Sitar, but in our opinion a bit better suited to DJ use as there seems to be less emphasis on the bass and more on the mids/highs. This makes the Bag Pipe a little better for cueing up the next tune as you can discern more of the detail in the mix. WeSC Bag Pipe Headphones WeSC Bag Pipe DJ Headphones - Limelight

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    For more information on WeSC headphones and a range of other street style headphones and DJ headphones please visit the HiFi Headphones store.

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