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    Optoma Nuforce BE6i - Trendy Transmission

    Nuforce BE6i Hero 2

    Optoma Nuforce BE6i - Trendy Transmission

    Wireless earphones are commonplace now; so much so, it's not necessary to draw undue attention to the fact these days. However, it's nice to see differing styles coming along and the Optoma Nuforce BE6i is a smart addition to this earphone category.


    • Nice case included
    • Many eartips and fitting accessories
    • Well tuned for many genres
    • Good build


    • Charging port is a bit fiddly

    Design and appearance

    First impressions last, and in this case, the impression is definitely of a well-heeled smartness; these are the sort of earphones you can listen to during a job interview. The backs of the capsules are magnetic, so the earphones can be worn securely around the neck between uses. The design lends itself to the 'down from the ear' wearing style so anyone wanting to have the cable going up, over the ear will need to consider an alternative model. The case is a very practical, semi-rigid affair which is perfect for use with the BE6i.

    Nuforce BE6i Remote

    Durability & build quality

    Cable and control/battery construction is good with no obvious weak points. The capsules feel quite solid as well, without being too heavy.


    There's not much to say here; once in, the earphones can more or less be forgotten about provided you have a good fit with the supplied eartips and accessories. There's plenty to play around with, including some 'fins' which sit in one of the various folds of the ear and help keep the earphones in place.

    Nuforce BE6i Nozzle

    Sound characteristics:

    The Optoma Nuforce BE6i has a warm sound with a bit of non-intrusive treble presence, good as an all-rounder.
    • Bass
    Bass has some emphasis, but the BE6i isn't a bassy model per se. It extends well with good sub-bass at a realistic level and perhaps a bit more of a boost in the mid-bass region.
    • Mids
    Mids on the BE6i are very clear and unaffected by the bass. Harmonics and other directional cues are well rendered and vocals are sweet and well textured.
    • Treble
    There is a bit of sparkle about the BE6i; it's not likely to cause any discomfort though. Cymbals are shimmery without straying into strident territory, and muted trumpets are just raspy enough. Detail here is very good for a wireless model.
    • Soundstage & Separation
    Lower frequencies benefit from very good separation and give a good impression of bass width; this continues up the frequency spectrum making an impressive presentation for a wireless model. Harmonics are largely preserved, making for an engaging and enjoyable time with the BE6i!

    Music genres good for and why

    As noted above, the Optoma Nuforce BE6i is a good all-rounder. Some may prefer more bass than the BE6i has to offer, but this depends on previous earphones and expectations. The BE6i is great with current studio music such as pop and rock, with more refined genres such as classical doing very well also since the midrange is so clear.

    Nuforce BE6i Hero


    The new wireless BE6i from Optoma Nuforce is as smart as it is nice-sounding, giving a good impression of your music and complementing your outfit a treat. With a large range of accessories to get a perfect fit, the BE6i is a superb wireless choice.

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