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    Oriveti Basic In Ear Headphone Review

    Oriveti are new on the scene and they certainly know how to make an entrance. The new Oriveti Basic earphone packs a punch and gives you plenty of features for its modest price tag. The Basic is Oriveti's entry model and along with the flagship New Primacy earphone it is clear that they mean business. Oriveti only use high quality materials to build their earphones and the design is unique and very stylish. oriveti basic The Oriveti Basic is supplied with a 4 strand twisted cable that feels very tough while also being flexible and avoids getting tangled very well. The cable connects to the earphones using standard MMCX connectors and on the other end it terminates in a gold plated straight jack plug. These earphones are very attractive with an aluminium body finished in matt black on both the earpieces and the jack plug. Using aluminium makes them comfortable and lightweight as well as feeling robust. A rubberised edge on the earphones helps to reinforce where the cable connects. These earphones seem to have been designed primarily to be worn with the cable going over the ear and cable guides are provided to add extra support - the Basic's can also be worn cable down for those who prefer it and the large selection of silicone eartips supplied allow you to achieve the perfect fit. Then to keep your earphones safe Oriveti have included a soft feel tough carry case. oriveti basic Underneath the attractive casing is where the magic happens. A 10mm titanium coated driver supplies an impressive amount of bass. Now I am not much of a bass head but after listening to these for a while I found myself really enjoying them. They're not audiophile and they won't give you a reference sound but if you like your earphones to be fun and enjoyable with plenty of punch then these could be for you. The isolation and comfort is also really impressive and along with replaceable cables they are a great buy! oriveti basic

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