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    Oriveti New Primacy Earphone Review

    Oriveti New Primacy

    Oriveti New Primacy IEM Review

    The Oriveti New Primacy are a slightly mid forward sounding in-ear headphone, with excellent air, detail retrieval and layering, a must listen at this price range.


    • Clarity
    • Control
    • Detail retrieval


    • Highs could be a little more refined

    Oriveti New Primacy

    Aesthetics, Build Quality and Accessories

    The Oriveti New Primacy are a beautiful in-ear headphone, with seductive curves and a smooth finish. With a simple logo on each earpiece, they are understated, and the braided cable adds to the quality feel. The build quality is top notch, the New Primacy housing is metal and very well finished, the cable is a 8 core braided cable with MMCX connectors. The MMCX connectors are tight and do not detach easily, or cut out, the jack is right angled with excellent traind relief and the y-split is a small piece of heatshrink. There is a chin slider, but there is lack of strain relief where the cable goes into the MMCX connector. Overall a very well built headphone that should last a long time. Accessory wise these do not disappoint, they come with a multitude of tips 2 pairs of each silicon tip (S,M,L), 2 pairs of bi-flange tips, along with 2 pairs of medium foam tips, you also get a sleek metal carry case, flight adaptor, 3.5 to 6.3mm adaptor and a pair of earhooks. An excellent amount of accessories, to ensure everyone will be able to get a good fit.

    Oriveti New Primacy

    Comfort, Isolation, Cable Noise and Driver Flex

    The New Primacy are extremely comfortable due to their smooth shape and ease of insertion. The cable is soft and flexible and you really don't feel them once inserted properly. Isolation is good, they managed to block out a lot of outside noise effectivey and would be perfect for the daily commute. Cable noise is not an issue with these, however there is a slight bit of driver flex upon insertion.


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    Sound Quality

    • Bass
    The bass on these will not overpower the rest of the sound, but they will create a solid foundation for the whole sound. They are full bodied, yet tight and impactful when called for, with excellent extension. They won't satisfy bassheads, but for most there will be enough presence to keep things fun without excess. The dyanmic driver really gives these an articulate and well balanced low end, that can keep up with heavy rock, yet also the full body of acoustic recordings. I find there is a bit of mid-bass bloom, but this only adds a little extra body and does not affect the lower midrange.
    • Mids
    The midrange is detailed and linear, nothing stands out apart from the excellent clarity and air. Both male and female vocals sound exceptional with very good detail retrieval, only the slightest hint of sibilance. Tonally they are good but maybe a litte dry for some tastes, not sounding as warm and euphoric as some out there.
    • Highs
    The highs have good air and extension, and they are well presented in the mix. The great thing about the highs on these is the lack of peakiness, meaning whilst they are always present they are never fatiguing. They are sparkly and have good detail and resolution with great layering, overall very good treble indeed.
    • Soundstage
    The soundstage is fairly intimate, with slightly forward mids, the instrument separation is very good with an airy presentation though.

    Oriveti New Primacy


    The Oriveti New Primacy has a bit of a mid forward sound signature, with excellent clarity and air throughout the range, the bass digs deep and is very articulate, the mids have a habit of bringing out all the detail in recordings but not in an unpleasant way. The highs are airy and well extended, without fatiguing properties, overall a very comfortable and enjoyable listen. The New primacy manages to be a very coherent sounding hybrid design, with a very well textured an layered sound.

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