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    Oriveti OH300 and OH500 First Impressions

    Oriveti OH300 and OH500 First Impressions

    These 2 new models from Oriveti have just arrived in our office and will be available very soon. Due to the popularity of the New Primacy, we thought we should give you guys a quick first impression of them. The OH300 is set to replace the New Primacy, sporting a new dynamic driver, along with the familiar dual Knowles balanced armature drivers. The OH500 is the new flagship model, sporting a dynamic driver along with 4 balanced armature drivers. Both come with a new 8-core braided silver-plated copper cable and leather carry case. Both come with a cleaning tool, airplane adaptor, 3.5mm to 6.3mm adaptor along with an assortment of tips: S, M and L single flange silicone tips in 2 styles, along with 2 pairs of bi-flange tips and 2 pairs of M foam tips. Overall an excellent array of accessories. Build quality is very impressive, Oriveti have now changed to a resin housing which is super smooth and makes them feel like a really premium product. The new 8-core cable is excellent and feels really durable, along with nice tight MMCX connectors. There really isn’t anything to fault here, both look and feel excellent. The New Primacy always was quite a sensitive monitor, and these are no different so you may get slight hiss with certain sources, but it should be minimal. Pairing them with a good clean DAP is best though.


    The OH300 has a more neutral leaning sound signature, with excellent clarity and resolution. These are set to be priced around £300 and for that you get a really superb IEM. The midrange clarity is one of the main things that grabs your attention, with details coming across easily and effortlessly. The lows are tight and controlled but fill out the low end when required. They don’t bleed into the midrange, but they sound more coherent when compared to the New Primacy. These are not lacking when it comes to punch and extension, but they are those who like a bit of extra bass might want to look elsewhere. Up top you get great energy and sparkle, but they are a little less bright when compared to the New Primacy. They sound a little more refined without taking away the extension and detail that the New Primacy was famed for. The OH500 has a slightly more organic tilt, favouring smoothness and slightly full tonality over a more analytical approach. The OH500 are one of those monitors you can put in and just relax, without missing out on technicalities. On the low end you get more pronounced sub-bass than the OH-300, but still a quick and tight mid-bass region preventing too much bleed into the lower midrange. The sub-bass is powerful and comes out of a black background when called for. The midrange is clean and has excellent layering, but it is presented in a natural way, without being pushed up front. There are no real peaks favouring male or female vocals, and the transition into the treble is incredibly smooth. The treble has a rise in the upper region creating a more airy, refined and extended sound rather than being more energetic and in your face. The soundstaging on the OH500 is truly superb, there is a really excellent sense of space with great placement of instruments. These 2 models are definitely worth keeping an eye on, with the OH300 giving you a more neutral yet coherent sound, and the OH500 offering up a slightly lush but well extended and detailed sound. Oriveti are one of those brands who know how to tune a great earphone, so the competition better watch out.

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