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    Review- The Periodic Audio Beryllium

    Periodic Audio Be

    The Periodic Audio Be are not for the purists, but don’t let this put you off. The level of clarity coming from an earphone this energetic and dynamic is really quite something.

    Aesthetics and Build Quality:

    The Periodic Audio IEM’s all look very similar, with a standard bullet shaped housing and machined metal backplate. They may look very simple, but the materials used are carefully selected for their sound properties. So, these may not be the best-looking IEM’s around, but you can rest assured they are built to offer the best sound quality possible. Build quality is excellent with smooth polycarbonate body and metal end plates they are solid. The cable is rubbery with butyl rubber strain relief that is pliable and durable. They may look simple but rest assured they are built to last. Periodic Audio Beryllium


    The shape of these means that most will be able to get a good fit, and there is a good range of tips included. Once you find the right size tips for your ears, you will get a comfortable listening experience for hours on end. Bowl Eartips


    Bass: Whilst the Be may have a well-rounded overall sound signature, there is no denying that the lows have some power behind them. They are not overpowering, but they do grab your attention with their speed and articulation making you want to tap your feet along with the beat. There is plenty of depth to the lows, extending down to the sub-bass with ease, yet they punch with great impact when called for too. I would not say the bass is the focus of the sound, as it is always well controlled, but there is a quality to it that makes the Be a lot of fun to listen to. Midrange: The Be manage to have a fun low end, without sounding bloated and interfering with the midrange. Vocals cut through the mix with good detail, they are not upfront, they just sit happily in the middle. There is an openness in the midrange that prevents them from sounding congested, they just get on and do their thing. There is no upper midrange peak that brings out sibilance, and the transition into the treble is smooth. Treble: The treble has good energy and detail retrieval, it extends well and doesn’t come across harsh or overdone. The quantity is enough to satisfy most tastes, and the Be are far from being a dark sounding IEM. The top end really rounds of the sound as being well balanced but at the same time dynamic and punchy. They really do combine a lot of fun into an overall well-balanced sound signature, this is not easy to do. The headphone enthusiasts will enjoy the faithful reproduction of the music, and their ability to uncover hidden details, whereas the average user will appreciate their fun and enjoyable sound. The soundstage of the Be is not very big, but the layering and separation is very good with everything occupying its rightful space within the soundstage. Periodic Audio Beryllium


    Periodic have managed to make a fun and dynamic sounding IEM, without throwing off the tonal balance and overall sound signature. There are no real peaks or dips, yet the lows have incredible power and control, the midrange is clean and the highs have energy and extension. They are well balanced overall, and come highly recommended to those that are bored of the drier presentation most neutral IEM’s have.

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