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    Pioneer SE-MS7BT Bluetooth Headphone Review

    Pioneer SE-MS7BT

    Pioneer SE-MS7BT Wireless Headphone Review

    READ MORE: Best Headphones Buying Guide The Pioneer SE-MS7BT are a great performer for the price, they offer an engaging, upfront sound that is sure to please fans of rock music.


    • Balanced sound
    • Great separation
    • Fast and energetic


    • May be lacking bass for some

    Design and Appearance

    The Pioneer SE-MS7BT have an understated, simplistic design with an all black colour scheme, metal faceplates and a simple headband. They use an over the ear, closed back design and will blend in seamlessly with your daily routine.

    Durability and Build Quality

    The SE-MS7BT feel sturdy; the headband is metal, the cups are plastic and they feel like they will last with some care. All the sockets and buttons feel great, the arms that hold the cups on are a little on the thin side however.

    Easy of use

    Pairing these is easy, and there were no transmission issues, however they do use a long press to change the volume and short press to change track. This does mean it is not as easy to fine tune the volume level but is something that you get used to.

    Pioneer SE-MS7BT


    The earpads offer plenty of room which leads to evenly distributed pressure, along with a well padded headband makes these a very comfortable headphone and perfect for long commutes.

    Sound Isolation

    The closed back nature of these headphones means they effectively block outside noise, they do not have any noise cancelling feature, but they do a good job of drowning out the world around you.


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    Now with a name like Pioneer, you would expect a dark, bass oriented headphone, yet the SE-MS7BT lean towards a more neutral and balanced sound.
    • Bass
    The bass is tight and fast, hitting hard when called for but always under good control. The bass can keep up with heavy metalcore, yet is equally at home providing a base for modern pop recordings. These are not for those who like big pounding bass, but are great for those who appreciate quality over quantity. Kick drums do however have a slightly flat feel, and could use a bit more punch.
    • Mids
    Due to the well controlled bass, the mids on these cut straight through the mix with excellent clarity and presence, there is a slight hint of sibilance in the upper regions but it is not problematic. The mids have good detail retrieval, and impressive separation, there is very little to fault in the mids for the price.
    • Treble
    The treble is well presented with good presence and definition, yes they lack the refinement of more expensive models, but for the price it is refreshing to hear a pair that does not lack treble energy. They are not piercing, but the treble is always audible and with good positioning.
    • Soundstage and Separation
    The soundstage is wider than average, not huge but some out of head moments to be had when listening to these. Separation is very good, even during the fastest tracks you can still easily separate the different instruments. The layering in the mids is excellent, and the overall placement of instruments is very precise.

    Genres good for and why

    The SE-MS7BT is at home with all genres, but tends to lend its hand to rock best, with a fairly aggressive and up front sound it really helps bring out the best during faster, more complex tracks. Pioneer SE-MS7BT

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