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    PSB release luxury noise-cancelling headphone - PSB M4U 2

    PSB has launched its first pair of headphones, the noise-cancelling PSB M4U 2 over-ear cans. Better known for their speaker designs, the Canadian manufacturer says the headphones result from a "multi-year research program" at the Acoustics Laboratory at Canada's National Research Council. The headphones are sturdy with a solid feel but don't feel any heavier than the avrage passive headphone. Comfort is great, well chosen pads isolate properly and PSB have not let the slick design get in the way of functionality anywhere else either. Nice touches a foldable frame for portability and the cord's ability to plug into either earcup. The PSB M4U 2's are powered headphones, with built-in amplification. The closed-back design uses a four-microphone active noise cancelling system to help remove a broad spectrum of noise. The drop is over 18dB of reduction in ambient sound, plenty enough to keep a long flight relaxing. The PSB M4U 2 headphones also promise to reduce distortion from portable devices and extend the battery life, they should give around 55 hours of music and will also work in passive mode should you run out of juice. They also feature a monitor button allowing you to rejoin the outside world without taking them off.
    PSB M4U 2 Headphones
    The place where they really shine is the sound quality. These are one of the best noise cancellers we have ever tried! They have a relaxed sound without feeling boring, gaining a natural timbre from their solid yet precise feeling bass and pretty mids. Detail is articulated well, there is just something a bit more Hifi in the presentation over other active noise cancellers which are often bass heavy and un-natural. The PSB M4U 2 comes with a protective travel case, two cables and stereo and in flight adapters. Now available in black with a white model is due by September.

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    For more information on the PSB Headphones range please visit the HiFi Headphones store.

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