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    Review- Final E4000 and E5000

    Final E4000 & E5000 - Cain and very Able


    Final is an odd name for a brand which doesn't stop, but why question it? If looks are anything to go by, the new E4000 and E5000 are very nice indeed; Final has a real knack for creating beautiful, utilitarian designs. We'll have a listen, and find out if these two can please the ears as well as the eyes!
    e4000 e5000 The Final E4000 and E5000.

    Design and appearance

    The E4000 and E5000 sit atop the current 'E' range, which includes the E2000 and E3000 versions. All models in the 'E' range include 6.4mm dynamic drivers, but rather than the venting on the backs of the E2000 and E3000 capsules, Final have opted for an 'acoustic resistor' in the E4000 and E5000 designs. This promises to control low-midrange frequencies for improved clarity. The E4000 has black machined aluminium capsules and the E5000 has machined stainless steel, which reduce any unwanted vibrations when compared to plastic housings. The E5000 model has a silver-coated OFC cable which is very nicely put together.

    Durability & build quality

    Both models look to be solid in terms of build, there is little to say against them. The E4000 cable might benefit from slightly more in the way of strain reliefs, but this is the only criticism we can come up with. Both models are of the sort of quality we've come to expect from Final over the years, and a treat to hold in the hand.


    Again there's not much to say here; the designs are fairly basic in terms of wearing style. This reviewer has found however that if microphonics are an issue (vibrations travelling up the cable from walking, for example) then the cable can be worn over the ear to absorb some of this energy.

    Sound characteristics

    The Final E4000 and E5000 may look like brothers; take a listen and they sound like brothers too. The elder sibling E5000 has more maturity and polish, with the younger E4000 giving out more energy. The family resemblance is very strong however, with both giving a very accurate and absorbing presentation.
    Final E4000 The Final E4000 has a distinctive look and sound.


    The Final E4000 has a good amount of well-textured sub bass if a track has it, while further up there is a certain light swiftness about the mid and upper bass regions. The E4000 is not a bass-light earphone, but it is good at pushing out a decent amount of bass while at the same time giving the midrange all the space it needs. It's really fun! The E5000 has a smoother and deeper bass than the E4000. The mid and upper bass frequencies are more present which does impinge on the midrange 'space' of the E4000 model a little. If you're not willing to compromise on the bass presence however and like those bassy studio-produced genres, you'll not miss it.


    This is where personal tastes may further separate the E4000 and E5000; the E4000 has a lovely amount of space here and an impressive accuracy for the price. It also has a certain quality which presses this reviewer's buttons; if you're fond of the distortion from a Rhodes piano, the E4000 is one to definitely check out. There's a certain buttery quality, but that butter hasn't been out of the fridge for very long; a slight bump in the upper mids gives a certain coolness but the E4000 never gets near strident territory. Meanwhile, the E5000 is more reserved and smooth in the mids. With less presence in the upper mids when compared to the lower mids, the E5000 trades litheness for authority and geniality. There is still a butteriness but it's more gooey in the E5000. If you like genres which are well polished in terms of production, then the E5000 will complement these very well.


    Like the midrange, the Final E4000 and E5000 stick with their personalities up into the higher reaches, with the E4000 giving more in the way of high frequency presence. Again, it's the more energetic of the two and further lends a sense of space and air to proceedings. The E4000 has incredible resolution and detail; it just adds a bit of stirring edginess to bring out these frequencies nicely. The E5000 remains the more tactful of the two, with treble which doesn't draw attention to itself and serves as a smooth midrange extension with no troublesome peaks. Detail is much like with the E4000 model, but it's more subtle in terms of presence.
    Final E5000 The Final E5000 delivers a mature sound.

    Soundstage & Separation

    Both models have exceptional soundstage and separation; however as mentioned above the E4000 gives a more immersive feel when it comes to harmonics, due to the sense of space and slightly greater presence of high-mid frequencies.

    Music genres good for and why

    As already touched on, the differing flavours on offer suit different tastes. Although each model here can be thought of as a good all-rounder, the E4000 is particularly well-suited to acoustic genres and those which benefit from a good sense of space. The E5000 is more for studio genres such as pop and dance music, but this reviewer has caught themselves enjoying pretty much everything with both models!


    Good looks Great sound on both models Replaceable cables Silver coated OFC cable (E5000) Versatile wearing style


    Strain reliefs on E4000


    Final's new E4000 and E5000 have hit the streets, and after trying both we all have our favourite. Whether you like vibrant energy and space, or if you're more into smooth and measured sounds, one of these models is sure to please.

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