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    Review- The Beyerdynamic T1 2nd Generation Black Edition

    Beyerdynamic T1 2nd Generation Black Edition

    The T1 2nd Generation has had a makeover, but don’t worry, it still has the same outstanding sound quality. Grab them quick though, as they’re limited to 50 units in the EU. Beyerdynamic T1 2nd Gen Black

    Aesthetics, Build Quality and Accessories:

    These are a meaner, sleeker looking T1 2nd Generation with anodised black yokes, matte black cups and signature silver grills. Internally nothing has changed, but outside they look better than the original in my opinion. Build quality is what you would expect from Beyerdynamic, solid. With a detachable 3m 7N OCC copper cable, metal yokes, protein leather headband and memory foam filled velour earpads these certainly feel the part. The grills are metal, but the rest of the housing is plastic, this keeps the weight down without making them feel cheap. Overall, they are a superbly built pair of headphones, built to give you many years of happy listening. Accessory wise you get a lovely hard carry case; the cable has a screw on adaptor but that is it. To be fair they don’t need anything extra, but a balanced cable in the box would be nice.


    The T1 2nd Generation is well known to be one of the most comfortable headphones around, with spacious cups and a secure fit you can listen to these for hours at a time. The earpads are soft and conform to the shape of your head, the headband has generous padding and never creates a hot spot like some other models. They are not heavy, and the fit is secure but not tight and I have easily sat with these on for 3+ hours with no issues. T1 2nd Generation


    Bass: These are not all about the bass, but they do have a little added body to give them some warmth overall. This added warmth does not cloud the rest of the sound, but just prevents them from sounding sterile and harsh. There is enough impact to keep things fun, yet it is always there in a controlled manner never becoming the main focus of the sound. Bass guitar lines are easily distinguished, and everything just sounds right down low. Midrange: Here the thing that stands out is how clean and detailed they are, without sounding thin. Male vocals have that subtle warmth from the bass, which helps them sound more defined and tonally accurate, whilst the upper midrange blends seamlessly into the treble without any big peaks. Everything sounds very natural in the midrange, and the detail is there if you want to listen for it. Treble: Whilst there is a little bit of added energy in the presence region to make cymbal crashes stand out a little, they are not bright or fatiguing. This little bit of added energy just adds a little bit of excitement, but without creating a big peak that sticks out. The treble quantity and quality are excellent, never becoming too hot but at the same time never losing focus. There is plenty of extension and it adds a great sense of air and space, along with being effortless and detailed. T1 2nd Gen The T1 2nd Generation has very accurate imaging, everything sits in a well-defined space within the soundstage. The soundstage itself is not the widest, but it sounds more natural and accurate instead of trying to be as wide as possible. It’s still far from being narrow or closed in. Conclusion: The T1 2nd Generation are a very well balanced, highly detailed yet slightly smooth pair of headphones. They play well with all genres, and are perfect for sitting back and enjoying.

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