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    RHA SA950i On Ear Portable Headphones

    RHA SA950i On Ear Portable Headphones

    The Scots again show their pragmitism and fondness for finely distilled qualities with the RHA SA950i; an on-ear portable model which is perfect for those with short arms and long sporrans. RHA SA950i On Ear Portable


    Lightweight yet sturdy Removeable cable Great Sound Quality


    No case or any other accessories included They do not fold down

    Hifiheadphones verdict

    The RHA950i On Ear Portable Headphones arefantastic portable headphones for the price; and good thing too as there are no included accessories. If you want to grab and go without any worries, the SA950i fits the bill. Light, sturdy and ready for any Highland fling.

    Key Features

    Given its pricepoint, the SA950i is unsurprisingly bare of features other than the iDevice-compatible controls. There is no case or pouch; nor is there any flight adapter or otherwise ubiquitous 6.35mm adapter. RHA SA950i On Ear Portable

    First Impressions

    The first thought which stuck me was the dour and sensible design; we're not at the point yet where funeral directors wear headphones on the job, but surely this would be their preferred design. Smart, stylish, but never showy. The sober theme continues as no accessories are included, but at least we know that all the value is in the headphones.

    Sound Quality

    Once the RHA SA950i is donned, the formality ends. The sound is fun but with a good midrange too; the bass doesn't take over. High up, detail is good and things are relatively smooth. There's a good bit of space for decaying reverbs and soundstage is good. Separation is surprisingly good too. Things are impaired slightly as the earcups will not pivot side to side, and a decent seal with the ears is not immediately easy to get. The strong headband and yokes may bend to the shape of my ears after a few flexes, but I do not wish to alter this borrowed pair. Score - 8/10


    At this price, the RHA SA950i is very good value, and the sound will not disappoint. Aside from a problem with fit which should be easy to fix, the SA950i will suit anyone who can get away with wearing black!

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