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    Sennheiser Amperior Headphones - Review


    Verdict – Based on the ever so popular DJ headphones, the HD 25-1, the Sennheiser Amperior provide a consumer oriented alternative with their balanced audio reproduction, warm mids, deep powerful bass and smartphone features. Pro’s – Impressive bass and excellent portable size. Con’s – On-Ear headphones always become a bit uncomfortable during long listening sessions.

    In-Depth Review

    Introduction – The Amperior are essentially an update on the legendary HD25 DJ and soundman headphone of choice. Almost ubiquitous in some industries due to it’s superb design, diminutive size (considering the sound quality) and freely available spare parts. We live in a world filled with reboots and sequels so what have Sennheiser done to justify this cover version of a classic? Description – Aside from a looks makeover, which is actually more than skin deep, there is real attention to the voicing of the Amperior – underneath the classy new paint colours are aluminium cups, making this headphone tougher and aiding with the improved sounds available. The earpads are velour, rather than pleather, giving extra comfort, the headband is nearly identical to the original HD25 split band but also has velour padding. Build quality is at least as good, if not better due to the new metal cups. Included peripherals - The Sennheiser Amperior come with two sets of cables. The detachable bottom section comes in plain and iDevice compatible version. Application – As previously mentioned, the size and shape of the Amperiors makes them a practical everyday set of cans. Comfort levels are pretty good although On-Ear headphones are never as comfy as their circumaural counterparts. The ability to swivel and the give in the connection of the cups to the headband means they are very adjustable. The closed-back design gives decent isolation making the Amperior a good choice for the commuter. Describe the sound – The Amperior comes with a copper cable, part of the reason sound is bigger, warmer and less scratchy at the top end when compared to the steel cabled HD25. The EQ is less flat than the monitoring ready HD25 and has more character, really decent instrument separation and stereo imaging. The Amperior is a great headphone for the contemporary music lover on the move. Practical with smart but not over-designed looks are complimented with refined but current sound – should be considered by any regular traveler. Comparisons – Also see Sennheiser HD25-SP, AiAiAi TMA-1, GermanMAESTRO JFB 8.35d, Beyer DT1350.

    Product Information

    ProductSennheiser Amperior Product Type – On-Ear Stereo Portable Headphone Price – £259.95

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