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    Sennheiser CX6.00BT Bluetooth Earphone Review

    Sennheiser CX6.00BT Bluetooth Earbud Review

    READ MORE: Headphones Buying Guides We remember a time when a wireless Bluetooth earphone was a novelty item, but now they're become de rigueur. It's an easy conclusion to draw when they're coming through as sleek and polished-looking as the CX6.00BT.


    • Can be paired with two devices
    • Smart and well manufactured
    • Competent sound


    • Included case is a bit impractical
    • Eartips may be hit or miss

    Sennheiser CX6.00BT

    Design and Appearance

    As already touched upon, the Sennheiser CX6.00BT is as dapper and chic as we'd expect from that esteemed company. Taking its capsule design cues from the Momentum in-ear models, the CX6.00BT is planned to continue the.. er, impetus that the popular Momentum series achieved. The asking price gets some fine-looking bluetooth earphones but accessories are spartan; with a selection of tips, a so-so carry case and the required USB charge cable. I think we can call this fair (since our money is saved) but the case could have done with a bit more thought. It's made of a brittle plastic which may get cracked, and it doesn't hold together all that well. The CX6.00BT has a nice trick, as it can pair up with two devices at the same time. If you're enjoying listening to music from your dedicated music player or DAP and a call comes through on your phone, you have the option to answer. Smart!

    Sennheiser CX6.00BT

    Durability and Build Quality

    The earphones themselves are among the most competently made wireless models I've seen at this price; they show off Sennheiser's design acumen rather well. Having said that, this reviewer had to go looking for eartips which fitted better than the supplied eartips; which were a bit thin and didn't hold the CX6.00BT in the ear particularly securely. Admittedly, a shallow fit is preferred here however. Controls are easy to find and operate when the CX6.00BT is in action, and we find the in-ear commentary to be quite bearable; a female voice with a North American twang announces 'power on' and 'power off' whilst the female voice which says 'connected' sounds like it's from Essex here in the UK. So there you have it, the CX6.00BT includes your very own Essex girl!


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    Provided you can get a good fit with the supplied eartips, the CX6.00BT can be more or less forgotten. During exhaustive testing including motorcycle rides and supermarket trips, this reviewer was left with only music to enjoy and no fiddling about was required.

    Sennheiser CX6.00BT

    Sound Characteristics

    The sound of the Sennheiser CX6.00BT will be no surprise if you are familiar with the sound of other Sennheiser earphones such as the Momentum (HD1) in-ear model. The CX6.00BT is warm sounding, with a bit of muted sparkle up top to keep things lively but comfortable. Throughout, the sound is cohesive with no obvious peaks or troughs in the frequency levels.
    • Bass
    Bass is fairly strong with good subbass; it's not up to basshead levels, but is sure to please most people with a decent amount of weight underpinning proceedings. It has good manners, and whilst it could be a bit tighter it hits the spot and allows the midrange to come through very well.
    • Mids
    Midrange is clear and fairly detailed for a wireless model; atmospheric effects such as reverb are not lost, and vocals are clean. There's a decent amount of warm cuddliness within the midrange too, for a fun and involving presentation.
    • Treble
    There's a decent amount of presence up at the top, but it's gentle on the ear. Cymbals and suchlike make themselves known, but will not dictate listening levels unless you have a particular sensitivity here. Fine details are hampered by the wireless nature of these earphones, but it makes them quite versatile and forgiving with less than perfect recordings.
    • Soundstage and Separation
    Soundstage is OK for a wireless in-ear model; you won't be transported to the Royal opera House it's quite acceptable. Similarly, imaging and separation are good enough for portable uses where the user's mind will often not be concentrating on the finer points.

    Sennheiser CX6.00BT

    Music genres good for and why

    The CX6.00BT is particularly good for modern pop and similarly produced genres, but it can handle anything thrown at it.


    There's plenty of choice out there with bluetooth earphones these days, but Sennheiser seems determined to corner this market with a few great releases over the past couple of years. The CX6.00BT is certainly a contender, especially for the £89.99 asking price.

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